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No, it wasn’t a coup attempt. It was another Trump money scam. The president knew he couldn’t prevail in the courts, but he understands how to make money by failing. He did it with casinos and he’s doing it again.

No, it wasn’t a coup attempt. It was another Trump money scam. The president knew he couldn’t prevail in the courts, but he understands how to make money by failing. He did it with casinos and he’s doing it again. submitted by wenchette to Impeach_Trump [link] [comments]

If you had an incredibly easy way for a casino to make additional money, how would you go about proposing such an idea to casino personnel that has the authority to implement the idea?

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How to make money at the casino when the market is closed

On the topic of going to the casino on days off...
I saw a comment about casinos and figured I'd make a separate thread. I'd like to hear any other "strategies" people have for other casino games.
I have a roulette strategy where I play the outsides only. It provides a fairly consistent return equal to the bet size every 1-5 rolls. Of course, house is at a slight advantage and can always wipe you clean. But, it's all about risk management and having the money to bank roll yourself back to a profit.
$10 bet size
I'll give an example. You start by placing a bet on the 1st twelve. If you hit first roll, you win a $20 profit. If you miss, you can play the same $10 on the first twelve and still come out with a $10 profit. If you miss the second roll, increase your bet by 1.5x to $15. It hits on the third roll and you come out with a $10 profit. If you miss, increase according to the table and you'll see your payout in the right column. You can go 11 rolls and still come out with a profit sitting at the table with about $1200.
Now here is where the risk management comes into play. If I miss the first 8 rolls, I'm in the hole $350 already. I can keep increasing my bet size to win all that money back AND a $10 profit, but I only have three rolls left with $1200. If this happens early on, I'll cut my losses and start back from scratch with a $10 bet and grind my way back. It's easier to get that $350 cutting your losses and starting over than to try and win everything back + $10 in three rolls. Also, when you start getting into larger bets, always play $5-10 on 0 and 00 as insurance. It's saved my skin many times.
There's a few mental tricks that I use that are complete bullshit but make me feel better when I play. I don't bet every round. If the 2nd and 3rd twelve hit 5 times in a row, that's the pattern I identify. I'll place a bet on the 1st twelve on the 6th roll. It honestly only keeps me from betting on every single roll. It really doesn't matter, you're just going to be managing losses more frequently if you bet every round. It's all mental BS, because I've seen wacky stuff happen. All black/red boards for 25+ rolls, 0/00 4-5 times in a row. IF YOU DON'T MANAGE YOUR RISK, THE HOUSE WILL ALWAYS TAKE YOUR MONEY.
You can play multiple boxes and multiple columns at a time. You just have to manage the strategy for each bet. Two twelves or two columns at a time. You can manage each bet individually, or another variant is playing two bets at once to come out with a $10 profit (or whatever your minimum bet size is). The problem here is, you have to double down next round just to break even and start heavily increasing your bet size on subsequent loses to break even.
Example, 1st twelve hits 4 times, I'll place two bets. One on the 2nd twelve and one on the 3rd twelve. If either of those two boxes hits, I collect a $10 profit. If it doesn't hit, you have to double down just to break even. It can quickly turn into an avalanche or money hemorrhaging from your wallet. I usually do a spin off of that strategy. If one of those two bets hits, I keep the profit on the winning bet and manage the losing bet until I profit.
You can play much larger bets, $20 at a time to make $20-40 a roll, but you're going to need to sit with a much larger initial sum of money to manage losses.
There are ways to play the numbers as well. I'll play 15 numbers at a time (including insurance 0/00). You can cover almost half the board and come out with a $20 profit on the first hit. You can play the same bet and make a $5 profit on the next roll. If 0/00 hit, you come out with $2 (INSURANCE). I play the same numbers every single time (I have a pattern of chips I lay out). This requires a bit more money to play, manage, and keep money rolling in. There are probably more optimal ways to play, but I haven't sat down to work the full strategy out or run the probabilities and profits on playing the inside.
The reason 99% of people lose in roulette is because they don't know how to manage their bets and losses or they just make really dumb plays. They'll bet $10 on an outside box and lose. They can play the same box and still come out with a $10 profit, but instead they'll play a random number (reducing their probability of making a profit from ~32% to ~2.5%) and they'll be in the hole $20. Then they'll take their last $20, but it on black, lose that, and walk away. Meanwhile, I could still be sitting there with $0-60 profit and another $1100 to manage my bets or keep playing after those three rolls.
If only I put this much thought and effort into risk management on the stonk market.
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Casino Heist glitch how to SKIP setups and make money fast!

This glitch requires 2 people, this will always work on the Casino Heist, rockstar cant patch this lol
BEFORE WE BEGIN Preferably do this with a friend, the only downside to this glitch is every time YOU are the host of the Heist (it’s your heist) and you finish the heist you don’t get any money for that heist. You’re friend does however. Once his Heist is ready to go he can then have you join him in his heist where you WILL get payed, but he doesn’t if he also does the glitch. You then just ping pong this back and forth and make money doing this over and over.
ALSO I use this on Xbox One, i am pretty sure it works with PS4 as well but have not tested it, i would assume it works you just need to be able to go offline and disconnect from network while game is running.
(Optional) Setup the heist to get the gold bars in the vault. If you do the first mission to find out the vault contents and you don’t get gold, call Lester and cancel the Casino Heist. Go back to Arcade prep board and you should have different vault contents. If it’s anything but gold bars just repeat the process until you do. Doing this allows you to do the Gold Bar glitch which lets you get more money (below)
  1. Once the Heist is almost over, you robbed the Casino and you are heading to the buyers with all the stolen money, have your friend and you get in the same car. Host of the heist needs to be in passenger seat not driving.
  2. Have the HOST of the heist in the Network Settings (xbox go to Settings>Network Settings)then hover over “Go Offline” but don’t press it yet, just be ready)
  3. Before you get to the buyers (use high end buyers you get more money) and you hit the orange circle that ends the heist, have the HOST of the game in the settings like step 2 ready to hit go offline
  4. If you are the host, your friend is going to drive into the orange circle and see the screen flash. He’s gonna tell you to hit Go Offline and disconnect and be put to Story Mode. I’ve seen some people not have the flash happen on their game at the end so if that happens to your friend just tell them to tell you to hit go offline about half a second to a second after he hits the orange circle. Let story mode load up then exit the game, connect back to wifi and relaunch the game.
  5. Your friend will get payed, you won’t but he just needs to do the heist and the process will be the same except he’ll be the one going offline and you’ll be the one getting payed. To know if this worked and you did it correctly the player who loads into the arcade will be celebrating by himself and the shot glass should be floating above his hand. When the Host goes back to his board he should still have all his setups complete.
That’s it, pretty simple. This saves so much time and you don’t have to do those f****** annoying setups. Just do this for a couple hours and you make pretty good money. Make sure that whoever is the host puts max pay amount to whoever is helping because they are the only ones getting the money.
GOLD BAR GLITCH: Take 1 gold bar out of each pile and when you go back into the piles, they should double in size and you make a lot more. It needs to be under 150,000$$ so don’t go for the daily vault top of stairs. This should still be working.
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[YouShouldKnow] YSK that RAID: shadow legends is owned by a casino firm (Aristocrat) and is basically a social experiment on how to make kids spend the most money on a mobile game by using psychological manipulation tactics and false advertising.

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Say I went into a casino and bet on a roulette (48% chance or so I think) and threw 20 bucks on and lost. Next I throw 40 on and lose again. I now throw on 120 (60 down so gotta make my money back) and end up winning, are you able to do something like that at a casino? -Im 17 atm so idk how it works

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For sidemen Sunday do the diamond casino heist on gta make two teams and whoever gets more money overall picks a forfeit for the other team to do at home obviously(u can change the forfeit part of it need be and most likely u guys can figure out how to set up the hiest

For sidemen Sunday do the diamond casino heist on gta make two teams and whoever gets more money overall picks a forfeit for the other team to do at home obviously(u can change the forfeit part of it need be and most likely u guys can figure out how to set up the hiest submitted by JackBrocc to miniminter [link] [comments]

How To Make More Money In The Casino [EASY METHOD]

Want to earn money through the Casino? Want to be in a position where you can never lose, easy!
You will have the same money you had when you changed your outfit!
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How to make a lot of money now that the developers patched the casino exploit?

If I lose in the casino, it automatically takes the money away from my account thing rather than what it used to be. How do I get to $100 million now?
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[PC] looking for someone to play the diamond casino heist who knows how to do the gold glitch as I want to make maximum money. I will be doing it around 4 PM est tomorrow.

Preferably only 1 person.
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Can anyone inform me on how to make serious money with the casino as I am trying to get enough to buy a penthouse

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How NOT To Make Money In The GTA 5 CASINO

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How tf you supposed to make money in the casino ?

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How To Make Money At Sand Casino

just bet a lot of money when you're going to win and a little bit of money when you're going to lose, you'll slowly start gaining a lot of wealth
pro tip: go all in when you're going to win, you'll double your bank. just make sure not to do this when you're going to lose
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How to make money in a casino

Every player wants to win money in a casino and that’s why people are engaging with the gambling activities.But gambling is depending on luck, which is why so many people are bankrupt.But some rely on strength if the staff in the casino cheat.Now the time has come to adopt latest playing cards cheating tricks and techniques of the casino and with these tricks and techniques, you will surely catch the game of poker. The playing cards cheating tricks and techniques are not easily available everywhere and if you want to get the advanced and latest playing cards cheating tricks and techniques then you should buy online latest poker cheating devices.
You can use the casino cheating devices to cheat in the casino games. if you really want to get a large amount of money in the casino. When we talk about the working application and feature of the cheating playing cards devices we can say that they are working with the smart and advanced way. The cheating playing cards devices are also designed with the latest technology and that’s why these devices are durable and user-friendly for the poker players. You can also use the marked cards to cheat in the game of poker. The invisible ink marked card and cheating contact lenses is perfect example.First, mark the cards with the invisible ink and then identify the marks with the help of soft contact lenses.
Now we're going to introduce different cheating analyzer, CVk Poker Playing Scanner is also so much popular with the clients and that's why they are demanding the poker analyzer device to cheat in the casino games, This is the latest poker playing cards cheating device scanner and mainly develop on the basis of Smartphone Application. The app is already installed in the smartphone and whenever you on the app, you just have needed to choose the name of the game of playing cards. After choosing the name of the game you will be able to scan your opponent cards from top to bottom by the CVK playing cards scanning device.
And the other is poker camera,Poker scanner refers to mini camera designed for scanning marked cards. It can be installed inside many articles, like cuff link, lighter, water bottle. So other poker players can hardly find where the poker camera is. You can contact us to buy it :
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How high does an ATM fee have to be for you not to withdraw money from that ATM? Do you make exceptions for casinos?

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How Casinos Use Math To Make Money When You Play The Slots

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@FiveThirtyEight: RT @tyschalter: Even before the SCOTUS decision, legal sports betting was on the rise -- and so was casinos' take. At @FiveThirtyEight, I looked at just how much money sportsbooks stand to make off Joe and Jane Sixpack:

@FiveThirtyEight: RT @tyschalter: Even before the SCOTUS decision, legal sports betting was on the rise -- and so was casinos' take. At @FiveThirtyEight, I looked at just how much money sportsbooks stand to make off Joe and Jane Sixpack: submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

How come casino gamers have been switching from one casino to another? Doesn’t that just make them lose big money?

I’ve came to notice that a lot of online casino gamers have been switching between one casino then another and then another. And I came to ask why. Doesn’t that just make them lose money and time? I mean. You have to get welcome bonuses again then get comply with wagering requirements and all that casino term shit. It’s really a tedious thing to do. I think they should really just stick to one casino. But why do they keep doing it anyway?
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Any redditors ever short on money for bills at the end of the month so you took the cash you did have to the casino to try to make it up - how did that go?

I hope you won.
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I'm stranded at a casino with no money until morning and nowhere to go. How can I make the most of the next 6 hours?

I'm at Caesars Windsor in Canada. I'm from Waterloo but come here often to play poker. I made the mistake of not reserving a room and once I found out I couldn't get one decided to play through the night. I lost the $300 I had on me and my bank card isn't working. I believe its because there's no chip in it. Some law passed so that all debit cards have to have chips in them so the banks are trying to phase out the old cards. Its happened to a couple of people that I share a bank with and I can still see my balance online so I'm sure its the card. However I have nowhere to go and nothing to do for 6 hours. Any advice? Something to keep me awake would be best, I'm considering finding a quiet bathroom to sleep in one of the stalls.
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[WP] America was never fully colonized by Europe.. today, it is the "Africa" of the world, mostly wild and full of wild Native Americans (some of which have discovered how to make money with casinos, others who are savage). You run a safari business.

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GTA Online UPDATED Casino Money Making Guide - Make ... GTA ONLINE - CASINO MONEY GUIDE! - YouTube GTA Online Casino Update - Become a Millionaire FAST ... Billionaire Casino App  How To Make Money - YouTube How I make money playing slot machines ~ DON'T GO HOME ... Jackpot Hit 3 Diamonds Best Way To Make Money Casino GTA ... GTA V Online - The Ultimate Casino Gambling Guide - How To ... Casino Strategy 2020 - How To Win (Make Money Online Fast ...

The pay scale of a casino can differ in every region. Small casinos may not have a good salary package as compared to the casinos, which are always open and always running. Casinos know that the waitresses, bartenders, and dealers can earn a lot of money just from the tips. So they pay them minimum wage. The only way for bartenders to make a lot of money is from the tips. It is not as tough as ... Among the best ways to make a profit is to visit the casino. Hundreds of people have already tested this method. Most of them have a good win. It’s 50, 100, or more dollars. If you look at the statistics on the gambling website, you can make sure that poker percentages are very high. How do Casinos Make Money? Our eCasino games Make Money Playing Games And Casino Games use a service called WebGL, a web-based graphics library that eliminated the need for plugins to run graphics on your web browser. WebGL has minimum hardware requirements and Make Money Playing Games And Casino Games if your device does Make Money Playing Games And Casino Games not meet these requirements, you may experience display ... It is simple math; the casino expects to make a certain amount of money for each round of blackjack. The dealer is able to get up to 375 hands to the player. If all the six players bet at $2, the total wagers will be about $750. That is if you exclude the double down and the splits. On the other hand, if a single player bets at $25, then the table will produce $4,125 in just one hour. The game ... It’s a good way to make money online if you know your art and don’t need the money right away. Related: 4 Profitable Ways to Invest in Fine Art . 26. Start a paid membership community. I’m a member of several paid membership communities — some in life coaching and personal development and others related to online business. Membership sites can be a great way to share your knowledge ... How We Make Money From Casino Bonuses. £200 sounds like a lot, but after what we’ve learnt about house edges and blackjack it shouldn’t sound so bad. Remember blackjack has a house edge of 0.5%. Over £200 staked we expect to lose only £1. That means we expect to keep £24 of the bonus! This is what we expect to happen. Casino News How Casinos Make Money on Poker Rooms, Explained. Adam Mace 2 weeks ago. 8,420 7 minutes read. Despite how much fun they bring, casinos are all businesses. They need to make a profit from their customers (the players) in each area of operations. Their goal is to make money from each table, machine, and customer in the room. By ensuring there is a house edge in each game on the ... It would be great if you could make money at casinos. Well, you can! And 44 states have casinos! Here are ten ways to make money at casinos, along with some ways to save money by going to a casino, and — in case you need to satisfy your inner gambler — a way to risk a little money to win big. 1. Become a Card Counter For the record, 1 GTA Online casino chip is worth $1 in in-game currency, so you've technically made a bit of money already. Now you just need to know how to turn those chips into even more chips, with the aim of one day making them into a potato. So, read on and you can find out how to make even more money in GTA Online Casino. Making Money At Online Casino: The Best That You Can Do Now. There are many ways to make easy money, but the easiest and quickest way is to play casino games. In this section we will present the different casino games, the strategies of these games to win money easily. By devoting only a few hours of your monthly free time, you will be able ...

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GTA Online UPDATED Casino Money Making Guide - Make ...

How to make money with the Casino DLC. SUBSCRIBER GOAL 120,000 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: DROP A LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!! Membership: GTA Online Casino Update - Become a Millionaire FAST & EASY! Best Way To Make Money in the Casino A much more in-depth explanation of the Horse Race Betting ... Jackpot Hit 3 Diamonds Best Way To Make Money Casino GTA Online How To Make Money_____NEW MERC... In this guide, I will talk about every single game in the Diamond Casino in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, and show you how you can win more money, playing said ... Billionaire Casino App,How To Make Money http://4funindia.... Casino Strategy 2020 - How To Win (Make Money Online)For The Website Link CLICK HERE: http://www.makedreammoneynow.comIn this video I'm showing you a roulett... A lot of people have been asking where to get the bank. Here is the website: 10% off your purchase of the WinnersBank. Use... GTA Online UPDATED Casino Money Making Guide - Make Millions Easy Horse Race BettingMore of Me!•My Discord:•Twitch (Livestream):...