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Road Trip: Advice and Thoughts

Potentially looking to stay in Vegas for at least a night on a road trip from Salt Lake on our way to Joshua Tree and maybe San Diego. What should we expect in Vegas? Are casinos open? Bellagio fountain doing its thing? Naked street performers on Fremont Street? I’m wondering if it’s gonna be Vegas as usual or to just skip it altogether. I know I know, I’m traveling during a global pandemic but I’m actually trying to be as safe as possible. Hence why we’re doing national parks and outdoor activities.
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Things todo

Hi is there anything todo around Joshua tree besides the national park? Restaurants? Looking for a weekend getaway but need a activity and restaurant todo! Please and thank you!
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Finished Cold Steel 3 last night and loved it!... here are some petty complaints and baseless gripes about the Trails series through CS3 [series spoilers]

With Cold Steel III fresh in my head 12 hours after beating it, I wanted to jot down some things that stood out about the game beyond the good stuff that most people agree on--i.e. the stellar gameplay, voice acting, scope of each chapter compared to predecessor games, music tracks and the way plot threads from earlier in the series are further developed and expanded on. Here's my list:

What Stood Out

Petty Complaints

Most of these are specific to Cold Steel III but can be applied to the rest of the series as well if I had more time to think about it.

Baseless Gripes

These are basically things I hope don't happen in the next game or later in the series:
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Fortune 12

Fortune 12

I'm Kind of a loner. What I mean is I don't leave my apartment all that often and I only leave for my job and to buy food, and I especially hate crowds. I also don't have many friends, though I have two solid friends, Tyrone and Greta. We met in high school and vowed we'd be there for each other till the end. But we haven't been so close since college, Tyrone went off to a college in Philadelphia, Greta moved to Cleveland with her family, I don't know why she never told us, but that was four years ago, I thought that maybe both Tyrone and Greta want to come back to tumbleville, fo good times sakes. But I am a procrastinator so it was a full week till I got to it.
It was a snowy Tuesday in January and the time was nearing 6:30 and I had just finished making my TV dinner and I plopped myself on my little green sofa. I turned the TV to CLS news station. “Finally the new casino has opened on East spruce street, The owner local star Jack Garmen has released a statement saying that the first appearance you make in Fortune 12 casino will reward you 100 free tokens!” I looked up from my Salisbury steak in surprise and listened in. “He has also said that with the addition of friends that will be raised by 100 per person” That Sparked my urge to see my friends again.
Then the TV caught my attention again. “Local Native Americans protest the opening of the fortune 12 casinos,” I thought why would someone protest a casino that's like the best thing in the world, I decided to listen back in.”They say that the casino was built over the ancient burial site to the Shawnee Native people” I rolled my eyes and got back to my food. After eating I pulled out my computer and opened email.
I thought back to when Tyrone, Greta and I would email each other all the time. miraculously I remember Greta's email but couldn't seem to remember Tyrone's. I prayed that it was still her email. I decided to just email Greta and hope that she remembered. I began to type, Dear Greta Its Joshua I was just wondering if you wanted to stop back in tumbleville? Me, you and Tyrone, (I don't have Tyrone's email, if you do can you forward this to him.) Also, they’ve opened a new casino in town and we got one free night. I wanted to take you guys there. I stopped there, the email was short and sweet. Then I went along with my day. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, took my pills, I have a severe anxiety disorder and I need to take pills twice a day, I then got in bed. Just as I felt slumber close my eyes I got a notification on my phone, it was a reply from Greta. It read, Hey Joshua! Long time no see I’d love to come back. I've been saving up to go back anyway so this was perfect and I was able to contact Tyrone and he said he'd have a road trip there, we’ll be there by Thursday.
I was so excited my two best and really only friends were coming back. I was antsy and I'm never very excited about anything. The last time I was excited was when Tyrone, Greta and I went to Hershey Park for our class senior year. The next day went by like a breeze of wind, I was thinking about the adventures we would have on Thursday.
By the time I got back home I flopped on my couch with more TV dinners. I flicked on the TV and heard the anchor speak, “Local Man, Kyle Smith Missing after Night at Fortune 12, The Shawnee Chief warns,”this is the beginning” I shrugged it off, People go missing all the time after getting drunk and wondering into the mountains and are found a day later. Plus the city has had a high crime rate since i was in middle school, fifth most dangerous right after Upper Darby. I turned off the TV and decided to email Greta Some details of where we would meet,
I began typing, Hey Greta, Joshua again, I wanted to give you the address of the Casino and some general times frames of when to be there. The casino is on East spruce street, and we meet at 6:30pm. Thank you, please forward to Tyrone. It was only a short while later when I got a confirmation email. I crawled into bed and took my pills.I feel asleep.
Then I woke up or at least i thought I did. I woke up inside the casino. It was me and Greta. We were standing near a slot machine then everyone around us disappeared and the lights snapped off. The walls of the Casino crumbled to the floor and, tree shot up from the ground and It began to snow. I looked around, and noticed Greta and Tyrone had disappeared. I continued to hear a low groaning coming from around me. Then I saw movement out of the corner of my eye.i it was a black figure slouched over and it stood on its hind legs.it almost looked like a person. I began to walk forward looking around me, I then saw a lantern in front of me, I started to walk faster. then the snow began to deepen and the snow began to fall hard. I heard growls and groans near me it felt like it was behind me. When I finally got to the lantern it disappeared, and I looked up to the trees. What scared the life out of me, Greta and Tyrone were strung up in the trees, their organs ripped out and laying within the branches of their tree. A stick had been plowed through the abdominal region. Blood was seeping down the tree. The blood began to taint the snow around the tree. I felt breathing behind me, it was warm and moist, It was almost comforting in the snow. But I knew I had to turn around. I did and a figure launched on me and then I woke up. I was drenched in a cold sweat, I looked over at my alarm clocked.
It was only 9:43 I went to bed at 9.I laid in bed all night. I couldn't seem to fall asleep. Every time I got close I began to sweat again and my eyes got stapled open by the time I had fallen asleep. Then my alarm went off, it was 6:30. I barely had the strength to turn off the alarm.I laid there for another hour. When I regained a level of consciousness I realized I was on track to be an hour late for work. I mustered the strength to get up and do my daily routine. I caught the bus and headed to work. I had gotten the job as an account for a local business. The Job was terrible and boring but it paid well so I never thought about leaving, even if I hated my co-worker and my boss was a douche bag.
I did my usual work day just 30 minutes late. Surprisingly the boss man as i like to call him wasn't angry i didn't know why. During lunch break something interesting happened. I was sitting down and the news turned on. The anchor began speaking,
“Fortune 12 owner, Jack Garmen goes missing, then the woman's voice got distorted it was like she was speaking a forgien language almost like latin, I took a semester in college.Then a video began to play, It started with a man running through the woods. Snow still covered the ground. The man was panting heavily.the video continues to cut out as the man was running. Alongside him were the sounds of hissing and growling, the noises were similar to the sounds I heard in my dreams. A dim light radiated in front of the camera, the snow began to rise and then it began to fall harder and a harsh wind could be heard. The man struggled to get out the light and by the time he got there it was gone.A voice could be heard coming from the woods, “Is anybody there” it croaked, “I need help” there where a series of voices cracks and it almost sounded like an older woman.. The man yelled back in a cautious tone,” I'm here to follow my voice” A tall black figure began to uncover itself from the shadows. It was thin, dangerously thin. Parts of its bones were visible through its skin and little muscle. It looked to be seven feet tall, and it had red glowing eyes. Its hands had claws and was horribly slouched over. It almost looked like the thing I saw in my dream.As quickly as it appeared the thing was gone, and so was the man recording. Blood gushed from his neck as he dropped to the floor. The creature looked down at the camera with a curious look, but then it vanished.
my head hit the table. Joshua woke to his co-workers shaking him relentlessly. Joshua Begun to raise his head he noticed drool had pooled around his mouth. His co-workers said he explained to him he dropped cold out of the blue. I couldn't believe that, I asked around if anyone else saw the video that the news had played, everyone shrugged their heads and said that o\the weather was on TV.They asked if i wanted to go home and they'd tell the bossman what happened so i took the day off.
it was about 1 when i was home. I Emailed Greta again, So how are you making out? Are you close? Getting the old cow poop smell yet? I didn't really expect a response but around an hour later, I got a response. Hey Joshua I'm on William Dill Highway 30 minutes away and I could for sure smell the cow poop again it's great!I chuckled a bit after reading the final sentence. I emailed one more time and asked if she had any info about Tyrone? She replied quickly, Oh Ya He's somewhere North of Pittsburgh, He said he is around an hour away. I got up from my couch and layed down my computer. And took a fifthteen minute nap.but when i woke up i felt nauseated and i felt like i got a full night of Sleep but with the worst quality. I got up and felt deprived of food and remember I haven't eaten since the morning.
My phone had four notifications, all emails from Greta. 1:45 Hey Joshua's i can see the old clock tower! 2:30 Hey i booked a room in the lucky 13 motel if you wanna come by, 3:50 hey Tyrone just got here he's gonna bunk with me at the motel, i really think you should stop by. 4:50, Hey me and Tyrone are about to get ready to leave we’ll meet you there. I felt a boost of adrenaline when I realized that it was 4 and I got to moving, I brushed my teeth, got in the shower, picked some clothes, ate some chips, and left the house. I had left around 5:20.I had to drive through a bit of the forest to get to the casino. I turned onto Mckinley street where the forest started. It was around a 5 mile stretch of road.I began to drive.I played my favorite rock band Blue metal. After a mile there was a quick movement across the road. It seemed to be a seven foot humanoid. I swerved off the road. My head banged against the steering wheel and another car behind me spun out. I tried my hardest to get my car back on the road to get to the casino. I drove out as fast as possible.I heard the yelling from the man behind me but I ignored it.
It was another 10 minutes before I got to the casino. When i got there it was 20 minutes before i got there. 5:50. I stopped in the parking lot and as I drove by I saw a dark figure squatting on the roof. The casino was only two floors high so it appeared very close and that worried me more than it usually did. Butr as I pulled into the parking lot I saw Greta and Tyrone. I rolled down my window and waved my hand.they waved back.I got out of my car and walked to the entrance where they were waiting. We had a warm greeting with hugs and old high fives. We caught up with each for a little before walking in, Greta explained that her family moved due to a Job applicant my dad received and my mother wanted to apply to Cleveland U to receive her Masters.
Tyrone shared his stories of Going to Penn University and experiences in Philadelphia he shared with one of a friend of his that got inside the liberty bell, he also revealed that he wanted to move back to tumbleville after his final semester. My eyes light with excitement. I thought of all the things I had to show him that he missed. I then asked if Greta had any plans to move back. She explained she wanted to, but she had to move back to Mexico to help her family in Cancun. I told her that it should be more like a vacation. We all chuckled. I then walked in front of them and said “are you ready to enter the casino” in my famous butler voice. They chuckled and went inside. As soon as I walked in the air within the casino it was dead cold. Goosebumps grew all over my body.
I asked Greta and Tyrone if they felt it and they said they hadn't.I shrugged it off and walked to the counter and I asked for the 100 plus token deal.Then I heard a scream it radiated around me there was no sources, it was everywhere i began to scratch at my head. My friends seemed not to hear the scream. I told the cashier to give them the tokens and I explained I had to go to the bathroom and I'd be right back. I walked In and began to pour water in my ear. I hoped it would work but I knew it wouldn't work. But then it stopped, I was grateful.Then the lights in the bathroom cut off i turned around and wondered why the light shut off and thought that maybe someone turned it off while walking out. That's when I felt a bony hand touch my shoulder, I froze. I couldn't move, I was stuck in place, it felt as if a scering hot plate was burning my skin. it lifted and the lights flicked on. I looked towards my shoulder, my shirt had a claw mark on it and I could see my skin.
I bolted out of the bathroom, and saw my friends already playing slot machines. They questioned why I had taken so long, I told them it was a minute, they replied with '`it's been 10 minutes” I stared in shock. Did you not come geet me? We did but you said you were fine. Both of them got back to slot machines while I contemplated what happened. Did they not notice the claw mark on my shirt? Was it even there? I Looked back over and it was gone. We went into our night to play black jack and betted on horse racing. I had forgotten about the bathroom incident as the night overridden the fear. By the time it was 11 an alert blared on our phones it read “National Weather service, Major blizzard will impact the tumbleville area,within the next 5 minutes. white out conditions and a foot of snow expected. This startled us, Me the most. I knew it was January and we usually get snow but not that much snow and unexpectedly.We all looked at each other.
Tyrone Questioned if this began to happen after he left in a joking way, we all laughed. I responded no. We discussed what our next plan would be, it seemed like the people around us were to. We decided it would be a good idea to head home. When we walked to the main doors we were greeted by a wall of snow and the doors completely stopped working, they could be moved. The people around us were visibly angered and confused. I heard one man start cursing angrily at the top of his lungs.Tyrone and Greta Chuckled, but I was visibly concerned. I felt a bit anxiety creeping in.A man presumably the manager came out of an elevator and yelled to the crowd of people wondering what was happening. He said that the snow storm had hit particularly hard outside the casino and there were white out conditions already. People began to voicing thier concerns, most saying they had family or work or something stupid.Behind the Manager I saw a shadow one that didnt look like him it was over arching. It seemed like no one could see it or everyone was too busy to notice. I called it out to my friends and they acknowledged its existions but they didn't seem to care as they needed questions answered. That's when it happened someone yelled the holy grail question, what's happening with food? Everyone froze, the manager exclaiming they would have to wait till the next supply came in and he didn't know if it would be coming. More yelling ensued.
I turned to Tyrone and Greta, they looked like they were kinda scared. I tried to reassure them we’d be fine even though I knew something bad would happen and I felt my anxiety levels rising, my hand developed a bit of a twitch. I concealed as much as possible. That's when it hit me, all night I felt like I was missing something, I had forgotten to take my pills. I panicked, when I forgot to take my pills I began to act crazy. This had caused many problems in the past. Most resulting in someone getting hurt and once someone killed, but we don't talk about it.We stood there thinking of what to do, Greta began to call her family and Tyrone walked in a circle talking to himself. Then the lights went out. All around us were the screams of terrified people, and yelling of peoples names. I started yelling Greta and Tyrons name and I heard them yell back, we tried our best to find each other in the crowd of people.. We all touched arms and latched on to each other, I was leading the pack, We didn't speak, as silence filled the casino floor. We didn't know why everyone just stopped. There were still people around us but they stood still and we couldn't get past them.

I whispered for them to get on the ground to crawl. Greta tugged at my shirt and asked if I could hear the growling. Right as she said it I heard it. A loud growl was coming from somewhere on the floor, Then i heard a slash. It was like whatever was growling was decapitating the heads of the people standing. I told her to stay quiet and that as long as we didn't speak, whatever was there couldn't hear us. As we crawled I saw a light, it was the door of the casino, the snow was reaching the top, but a street lamp outside was still visible and its light poured in. I whisper to Greta and Tyrone that we'd be heading for the door and that we should crawl quickly to beat the snow. They agreed. I knew that the door wouldn't open and that we'd be trapped, I began to sweat, and I felt my heart beating faster and faster. I was almost popping out of my chest. But I kept on crawling. We finally made it to the door, the growling sound still surrounding us. It sounded close every second. The floor near the door got progressively colder, at the door the floor changed, it was still cold, but it felt like dirt ,I looked down, and i saw dirt. I lifted my head and trees surrounded me. I looked back, Greta and Tyrone, they were gone. Then I felt a snowflake resting on my cheek.
I realized this was my Nightmare. I stood and began to walk. I walked for at least 10 minutes, by then the snow was a layer covering the floor. I began to shiver, My heart continued to beat out of control, I trembled, and sweated, I began to feel weak and tired. I stopped and sat down to hopefully regain energy. I looked up at the tree and in them were people from the casino, impaled, embowled, their organs on the floor, bones poking out everywhere. I looked in horror, ordinary people in the trees, dead blood dripping from their bodies. Some had their skin and muscles ripped from their bones. I broke down. I began to cry and I yelled profanities. I must of black out at some point because I can't remember what happened, but when I came too again the snow was at least three inches higher and I was at the light I saw, I felt its heat. Then it vanished.
The cold hit me like a wave. Then I heard a voice. It said to look up, I didn't know if it was real or not but I looked up. I stopped. It felt like the air in my lungs was ripped out and all the energy I had in my body had left in an instance. I dropped to my knees. I screamed and I began to cry again. Then a creature stepped towards me.I heard the ruffling of leaves. Its breath began to warm my neck. Even If it felt good I knew it was a terrible sign and something bad was to happen. Its hand grabbed my shirt. My shirt started to choke me. I looked down and I was at least seven feet above the ground. What ever was grabbing me, tightening up and lifting me to a tree. I got a look at this creature as I was near the tree. All i saw was its glowing red eyes and its bony arm, it was black and thin from what i saw.I felt the poking of a branch of the tree. Then the branch was through my stomach.
The pain was immense and it lasted. The creatures stared into my eyes. I finally got a good look at it. I was eviscerated at every point, bone showing, and a disfigured face. I looked to my left and there was Greta, lumped over, and dead. Her abdomen was gone, the flesh taken off her body. Then I looked to my right, Tyrone lumped over as well. His body had been almost picked clean but his face remained untouched. Then I heard a chuckle from the creature I saw. A disfigured smile shown on its face. I opened its mouth. Hi I'm kind of a loner as the people of the town call me,
I barely leave my apartment, I tend to watch TV all day, and it was friday so I got all Night to watch so flipped on the TV. It was already on CLS I listened in. Local Man Joshua Longhorn Missing along with Greta Huppin and Tyrone Frienson, they went missing after a night at the Fortune 12.
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Comprehensive Thoughts on Ao no Kiseki

Finished Ao a few days ago, and what an incredible experience it's been. Warning, this post is LOOOOOONNNGGGG.
Big thanks again to the fan translators and all other people who made playing this game possible.
Here are my old posts on Sky 3rd (so you know why I love Kevin and Ries so much lol) and Zero no Kiseki

First of all, that title screen before you press "start," really stood out to me, since the prior 4 games all had different scenic backgrounds/colors going on (well except 3rd, which was necessary to fit that particular game). Here it's just purely one color (azure), that gave me a rather somber feeling. Already was looking forward to seeing what would be in store:

Wow, what an opener. I thought it was a great way to both tie in Zero right from the beginning (like a refresher to players) by having to go after characters from last game, and also a breath of fresh air, since the mission isn't with the typical SSS.
What a badass lineup of party members with Arios and Dudley. I saw it as the perfect representation of the important organizations that ensue Crossbell's safety, with Arios as a bracer representative, Dudley for the regular CSPD, Lloyd as the SSS, and Noel as the CGF.
The ost perfectly set up the atmosphere of somber mystery, knowing what horrors occurred here, but also not knowing the exact details...I'm honestly really glad that Noel and Lloyd were split up from the other two midway, since using those two badasses made me feel like I was cheating lol.
Then when they finally got to Ernest and had to fight his demon form, what a Lloyd thing to do to try and save Ernest when he was screaming that he didn't want to die. Then HOLY CRAP IS THAT KEVIN?! What an amazing surprise and inclusion having him demonstrate his Gralsritter powers. Dudley telling Lloyd and Noel that they were a big help in his tsundere/kuudere way so Dudley.
I always love it when the protagonists of the story don't know the significance of people they're just meeting, but you the player know exactly what's up. Maybe I'm of the minority who really likes Ries (it seems like most players are just apathetic to her), but my interest was definitely piqued when he asked if she was gonna be okay on her own...(what is the church planning?!)

Lloyd and Noel get such a SSS greeting when they get back to Crossbell. Everyone is so in character, especially Wazy pushing Lloyd's buttons lol. Apparently his intel got them in touch with someone from Arteria, so hmmmm curious.... he was one of the characters I was most interested in following Zero (kinda in the same way I was super curious about Olivier's background throughout the Sky games).
Love that the prologue was short and sweet.

Chapter 1
First off, was actually really glad that Randy and Tio weren't around for the sole reason that it gave Noel and Wazy time to shine and settle in. I appreciate that both the Sky and Crossbell games don't just give you full access to every character right away (especially in the 2nd game, since at that point you've already met everyone), since otherwise it would be so easy to just shaft someone right from the start.
Chasing Lechter around was definitely a throwback to Sky 3rd moon door....but was surprised when he finally got straight down to business at the casino, answering all of Lloyd and Elie's questions and confirming his identity. The Shirley and Elie thing was completely unexpected. Everyone's reactions were so in character: all were flustered of course except for Wazy and Lechter (that letch haha). Poor poor Elie though...
Encountering big Jaeger corp dude for the first time was definitely intimidating, especially when seeing how he slaughtered those monsters after.

Then getting our own car! YES! It felt like the SSS had truly come so far from that time in Zero where Dudley drove away in his own private car, and they had none :( And for a PSP-era model, that car looks damn fine. Cool that it was made by ZCF too, wonder what Professor Russell and the rest have all been up to...
Also Noel doesn't really get a chance to shine as much compared to the others (actually all the SSS girls got kinda shafted character development wise in Ao compared to the guys :/), so I'm glad she at least got the opportunity to geek out over car models and such.
So at this point, I actually was already spoiled as to Wazy's identity as a Dominion (didn't know anything about his background though). It made that first meeting with Ries, with Wazy present, really interesting. It actually even threw me off a bit for a large portion of the game, since it made me believe that perhaps not all Dominions and their squires know all the others in their ranks....

I absolutely LOVED the 'truth behind the rainy day' ost. Super peaceful, ethereal, and yet somber all at once. Was perfect for Wazy's "final" encounter with Wald. Also was so interesting to see Wazy so fired up and serious for once in the entire time we've known him. I was surprised that he was actually thinking so far ahead, knowing that they all can't be delinquents forever, and has been subtly spurring the Testaments guys to move on the whole time...
That fight definitely showed how much Wazy was holding back against Wald. The latter didn't get a single hit in before he was down for the count. I also felt bad for Wald...knowing that he is one of those archetype guys where strength means everything, and people holding back is the biggest insult possible.

Heading to Mainz and stopping by the Doll factory on the way, holy crap, chilling first look at Campanella and some Ouroboros goon for the first time in the entire Crossbell arc. Then the actual Old Mine had a great ost for setting up the atmosphere; both mystery and urgency needing to find a way out. And wtf Wazy being able to sense the higher elements (like Kevin and Ries in Sky 3rd). I wonder if that's a requirement to joining the gralsritter, or if it's an ability that new squires can learn to develop..,,

Zeit's interference with that first cryptid makes so much sense in hindsight after his big reveal in the final chapter. Suspected that Shirley, big Jaeger guy may be related, if not connected to Randy in some way, but wow I wasn't expecting Randy's dad to have been the head of the Red Constellation. When Garcia name dropped the War God in Zero, I just thought he was some well-known part of that jaeger corp, not the top dog... and Randy has been expected to succeed his dog this whole time. Wow, wasn't expecting this.
Also was rather sad to hear that Randy's dad kicked the bucket, even if they weren't on the best terms...
...and geez of course LechteImperial government would have their hands in this mess as well...

And with that, SO HYPED FOR THE TRADE CONFERENCE! (since I'm a poli sci/international econ nerd for fun)

Chapter 2
TANGENT on some character interaction:
Okay, this is entirely unimportant, but I just really like the interactions among all the SSS members. I'm glad to know that the girls get along well. But to comment on Randy and Wazy's specifically right at the start of the chapter...
So, Lloyd is a really chill guy, and he gets along with everyone, but his demeanor and viewpoint is quite different from Randy. It's why I appreciate Wazy and Randy's interaction together. Of course Randy would tell Wazy about Cecil before Lloyd even mentions anything about her. And even if Randy comes across as exasperated over Wazy's cheekiness (and getting more attention from girls than him) throughout the game, I think they share a lot of similarities that they can appreciate the other's pov (more on that when discussing that scene in chapter 3).
Lloyd is a lot more considerate about how his words come across, especially towards his friends, while Wazy by nature is very blunt. So the fact that Lloyd kind of tries to tip toe around being considerate of Randy's circumstances, while also knowing that Red Constellation will become a big issue, Wazy just goes right for the jugular and says they're gonna have to track their movements/get involved. (Makes a lot of sense in hindsight why he's like this after his backstory reveal).

/Endtangent; BACK TO PLOT

So strange that Professor Seiland finds that there's no difference in the chemical makeup of the blue and red gnosis...
Then it's a bummer when SSS was just discussing dinner plans together only to find Shirley at the SSS building. Riding to that fancy-ass club with Shirley in that luxury car really demonstrated how lucrative a top jaeger corp can be..we traded mafia vs mafia from Zero to mafia vs. "mercenary mafia."

So many different groups of people/organizations with so many different interests converging in one melting pot of a place...it serves as a stark contrast to the much more homogeneous team braceLiberl vs. Ouroboros plot from Sky (not that that was bad in any way, Sky's story was masterfully executed). I really appreciate that both arcs have a lot of similar archetypes (especially regarding characters), yet at the same time do completely different things from the other.

The first glimpses of Prince Olivert, Mueller, Kloe and Julia were so hype! Nice touch with Kloe relying on R&A Research. Then when all the countries began to arrive by the mode of transport that they are known for (Liberl- airship, Erebonia- rail, etc.) and the ost that played during it....I can say I've never been more anxiously awaiting how political talks were gonna go in a game than during those cutscenes. Orchis Tower unveiling was just as majestic as was expected.
The "find my musician" sidequest was a great return to Olivier and Mueller antics. Hidden SQ about finding Lechter and Kilika let Elie have some time to shine, relaying why it's not out of the question for the two nations to be working together right now in order to reestablish a foothold in Crossbell after that whole cult-government scandal from Zero.
Good to see Trails trying to humanize some of its antagonists with the whole "finding the cat" quest with Shirley. Plus she gets her first look at "Yin."

I love how all the Trails protagonists try to hook each other up with those sweet connections, what with Estelle and Joshua letting all their royal friends in on the SSS's reliability. Everyone's shock that Olivier is the Prince from Erebonia haha.

Then YES THAT 8-BIT FATEFUL CONFRONTATION WHEN PLAYING POM AGAINST CAMPANELLA. The way Falcom utilizes remixes of beloved tracks for special moments will never cease to amaze me. And then Tio having to hack her way in to save my ass.

The hidden quest with Ries at the Moon Temple was a fun addition. The gralsritter don't mess around when it comes to playing their undercover roles spectacularly....(I'm looking at you Ries and Wazy after that final chapter reveal).

The negotiations/talks at the Trade Conference started off well, but I really started feeling that unease/dread when visiting with President Rocksmith and Chancellor Osborne respectively...then HOLY CRAP I NEVER WAS EXPECTING MILITARY AIRCRAFTS TO ARRIVE AND TRY TO HIJACK/BLOW UP THE ENTIRE BUILDING. The ost that played throughout this segment was AMAZING btw., especially cuz I recognized the melody as part of the ending credits from Zero. The CGF and CSPD getting locked out was a serious 'oh shit' moment.
Trails definitely exceeded my expectations with the whole Jaegers and Heiyue being brought in to put down the terrorist groups. I guess I was too vanilla in expecting the Jaegers and Heiyue to carry out the assassination attempts. Even if it can be claimed that they deserved it, I honestly felt bad for the Erebonian opposing faction after getting mercilessly slaughtered...especially for that lone survivor cuz he most likely is gonna be having survivor's guilt...I mean I guess it also shows how ruthless Erebonian mentality is anyway, since the Red Constellation was requested to completely execute the terrorists...
And then of course Randy having to deal with the people he tried to leave behind...damn, the Erebonian Chancellor and Republican President are just on a whole 'nother level of political savvy compared to the other Heads of States...having foresaw this and then using it completely to their advantage to further their criticisms of Crossbell's "failures." Offering their country's "assistance and protection" as a response..sad that it's all too real...
and finally that ending with Mayor Dieter announcing a referendum to gauge Crossbell citizens' thoughts on becoming a completely sovereign state...especially with the Great Powers still in the room *chills

While I'm not a fan of how bonding points/events work in these games as a whole, I really enjoyed this break chapter. Especially since save scumming is an option to see all the different events that happen here. Randy's suspicion over Wazy's swimsuit changing takes on a whole new meaning with the knowledge that the latter is a Dominion.
Loved how all the activities the different characters were participating in on the beach were completely in line with each individual's personality. Michelam was a lot of fun too. Certain hints towards some character''s backstories exist when taking them to particular places (i.e. Wazy or Rixia to the Fortune Teller's tent).

Glad to finally have a real look into Rixia's character at night. Of course Lloyd would be able to tell that Rixia's smiles are actually devoid of real happiness, and how it reminded him of how Cecil used to look like after Guy's passing...was nice to have some greater insight into both of them.
Perfect dramatic irony as Rixia was sharing about not having a personal reason for why she fulfills her duty and walks the path of her ancestors, since we know she's Yin, but Lloyd doesn't at this point yet.

When Lloyd wakes up from that dream, the perfect creepy ost starts playing (for some reason, this was the sleeper hit of the Ao ost for me)...and encountering Campanella of all people with those FOG MONSTERS (confirmed a suspicion I had about that fortune teller who had her face completely concealed), no way it couldn't have been Luciola, not with that summoned fog.
And wtf Mariabell. You're looking pretty suspicious talking to KeA that way when you two are alone on the boat (without the voice acting, this scene would not have raised the same red flags)...

Chapter 3
So cryptids start showing up...and azure flowers just happen to be growing right where they spawn...of course Wazy would brush off remembering something like that in the Testaments as just something skimmed from way back in Sunday School.
Ahhh so the Apocrypha exists in Zemuria just as it does in our world. Makes sense that a cult of the main religion would get information from these deviant books (or perhaps they could have even written it themselves..?!) Thanks to Ries, we now know what Pleroma grass is...
Super cool that Meister Jorg was willing to talk with the SSS because of Renne. Interesting hearing more about the Society's plans from him. Then oh man that train derailment site...it was cool that there was a return of Ancient Pulsation (Ancient Battlefield ost) since it's kinda attributed to Joachim Gunter and the DG Cult in my mind now. I somehow totally forgot about the scene at the beginning of the chapter with a shadowed Wald, so was super surprised that the culprit happened to be a demonized Wald of all things. Was surprised at how truly hell-bent he was on getting back at Wazy.

Ao really just builds, and builds, AND BUILDS on the amount of crazy happening. Teaming up with Yin at the Marshlands where so many of those Azure flowers bloom was definitely unsettling. Then finding two Anguis and an Enforcer in the same place...even though I know Kiseki always goes for the positive outlook, I was still feeling worried for the group.
Poor Rixia, having her identity revealed just like that, so suddenly, in front of so many important people :/ Then more fan hits the ceiling news when they get a call on the way back about the Red Constellation completely vacating the warehouse...the way they easily annihilated the CGF troops was not looking good...

Dammit Randy, tricking Lloyd and the others that he was fine...considering what was seen in the Ao opening movie, I was kinda doubting that he really wasn't going to do anything, especially since he was so distraught after the Trade Conference slaughtering earlier.
Was a cool moment to have Wazy "confront" him outside, but at the same time allowing him to do as he pleases. This is why I think they really can understand each other's motivation, etc. on a personal level, even if they both don't entirely realize it and Randy doesn't exactly know Wazy's past. (Note that this is considering what I learned after Wazy's final bonding event) They both wanted to be free from their previous life, yet at the same time it comes back to haunt them. Randy's in a more direct way with the Red Constellation physically present and causing horrible things. While Wazy's is always with him on a more abstract level, since developing a stigma and hence, becoming a Dominion, entails that there is always a physical reminder of the mental trauma from such an event. Their overall demeanors are different, yet there are aspects of their personalities/tendencies that are similar- they both put on a cheerful front and are very secretive about their past (for good reason).
Was still kinda amazed that Wazy was concerned enough that he considered sending Abbas after Randy, but at the same time was fine letting him go off to do as he pleased, even if it ultimately ended up with Randy dead...interesting that he was so surprised that Lloyd and the others would go so out of the way to figure out where he went. In hindsight it says a lot about his past and how everyone from his village despised him after the whole "killing their god" thing...I don't think he expected people to go that out of the way for each other.

Coming out on the other end of those old mine tunnels and hearing the battlefield sounds was crazy. Thank Aidios they got to Randy in time. Seeing him in action was pretty amazing, but Lloyd and the others were even more so. With Lloyd directly confronting Shirley with just his tonfas.
Randy grabs Lloyd by the collar and criticizes him for leading his team into danger...but Amazing moment where Lloyd finally stops tiptoeing over consideration for Randy's situation and grabs him by the collar right back. That a leader has to guarantee the safety of all on his team. Then when Randy finally comes out with the truth of why he left his life as a Jaeger...this entire scene was a top-tier moment in a video game for me. A+ all around.
Then Randy tries to push the blame all on Wazy. Lol the lighthearted SSS banter returns.
But mood shift AGAIN WHEN FLAMES ARE SEEN COMING FROM CROSSBELL. truly Ao's wild ride....the mood whiplash is strong in this game.

Chapter 4
All the scenes during the Raid were INSANE. Bloody Shirley, Ilya, and Rixia at the Arc-en-Ciel. Poor Sully with having to live with knowing that Ilya was severely injured for pushing her out of the way...and poor Rixia knowing Shirley made such an appearance to force her to fight...and of course out of anyone, poor Ilya :(
CSPD under attack and Fran getting caught in that blast. Arios and Dudley giving it their all defending Orchis Tower. Also really sad to see demon Wald attacking Downtown. Especially after he wipes out his old gang members even after they were so worried about him over the last couple chapters. Cool seeing Abbas and Ashley bring out the big guns to defend Downtown though.
Sigmund directly confronting Cao in his very own Heiyue building. Especially considering how Cao didn't let anyone touch the top floor of the building during the Revache attacks in Zero. Everything really was going to shit. I didn't even come close with that timed fight. Then IBC becomes a huge ball of flames. I really was worried seeing that pretty much the center of banking for the entire continent, and the symbol of commerce was so thoroughly destroyed...thank goodness the data was backed up and recovered at Orchis Tower (still suspicious of what Mariabell could really be up to though).

I really liked how the somber ost of Downtown picks up again to the regular city theme after you finish all the recovery sidequests. Actually a lot of the sidequests during this time were really fun, heartwarming, and just what was needed after all the devastating losses. The appearance of that couple from Liberl who were only just engaged back in Sky SC was a great throwback.

Escorting Jona into the other Geofront division and encountering that pretty high-tech AI robot pointed towards the Society's advanced technology once again. Then the day ends with the results of the referendum in and MAYOR DIETER OFFICIALLY INSTATING CROSSBELL'S INDEPENDENCE.

And then my stomach just plummeted after that meeting with Lechter and Kilika stating how powerful of a military force both the Erebonians and Republic are sending into Crossbell due to authoritarian President Dieter's actions. Then Lechter confirming Lloyd's bad feeling that the Imperial government's contract with the jaegers ended all the way back to right after the conference...seems like a major conspiracy is about to be uncovered...Not only this but KeA was taken by Arios of all people?!

The Castle at Michelam was the first taste of that great ost that would later be the entire overworld map in the final chapter. Instills so much agency and drive. Then just to add on to that, one of my favorite tracks from the entire ost makes its first appearance as Mariabelle, KeA, and Arios' true roles are revealed. Pretty heartbreaking that KeA willingly goes along with it at first because the reality is without her, there was no way that Crossbell would have survived that pincer attack by the two nations.
The confirmation of the Society's hands in this when their faces first appeared in those "magic screens" was just the oh shit icing on the cake. Arios battle was tough, but not too bad with Lloyd evasion tank. I've been following the Nielsen hidden quests this whole time, so I wasn't too surprised when it was revealed Arios was working with the conspiracy. (and involvement with Guy's death) Lloyd definitely had that feel too though, since he was the one to ask Arios to confirm.
Those invasion cutscenes was one of the most memorable in my experience playing video games. A small country that has been subject to the whims of larger ones suddenly develops a "technology" that puts those who exploit them to shame. The fact that we get to know people from all participating countries to such a great extent, it's sad seeing the big guns brought out on all sides.

Was amazed that Noel was the one to apprehend the party. I was honestly hoping for more inner party conflict from this. Especially when Noel isn't wrong to feel outrage that the Empire willingly fired those rail cannons. They definitely shafted what could have been stronger development for Noel in the final chapter.

Fragment Chapter
Wow, first time seeing Lloyd giving up. Amazing cameo chapter for Garcia though. How an enemy was able to help the very person who put him in jail...giving Lloyd his drive back after recounting Guy's unwavering spirit. It's probably an insult to Garcia to see a person who relentlessly pursued Revache stuck in prison... I wrote in my Zero post that I appreciate the multi-faceted antagonists, and Trails succeeded with this minor one. Busting out with Inevitable struggle super arrange was A+ hype.

Zeit coming to save the day in his DIVINE FORM. That was something I actually wasn't expecting at all. The story of that Sept-terrion was really sad... With the whole taking on the follies of mankind, while still also having human emotion in order to understand man...the story definitely did what it needed and made me extra worried about KeA's future.

Wazy and Abbas' official reveal. Lloyd's reaction was as expected though haha. I probably would have felt the same way if I wasn't spoiled early. Olivier's reveal was one of the greatest things to come out of Sky for me, since I somehow overcame the need to look up stuff about the Sky cast while playing- Wazy's reveal felt similar to that setup/the Crossbell answer to that kind of character I guess. Was happily surprised to see Kevin and Ries pitching in to help the others get in to Crossbell.
Lloyd having to bring up that tough question about what the church will do about KeA...of course they would be worried about what is happening everywhere on the continent. Wazy was really sincere in his answer though.

Chapter 5 (Final)
Return of final dungeon's from Zero's ost, but super arrangement, during the infiltration mission with Kevin and Ries drawing the Aion's attention. So. many. hype. moments in this game damn.
THE MERKABAH. JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED IN THE TRAILS GAMES. One of my favorite things about this game tbh. Really felt like we were on a top-secret mission. Was so cool having to overcome various "barriers" to reunite with all of our comrades while avoiding detection. It makes perfect sense that the antagonists would split their opposition's numbers up so they have the lowest possible chance to cause havoc.

Nice getting to visit all the other villages on the outskirts to hear how the Crossbell barrier and the azure flowers are affecting their lives. Heiyue cooperating with us for the time being and RIXIA OFFICIALLY JOINING! "Poor Cao" losing Yin though. Seeing some factions standing in opposition (i.e. Mireille's CGF squad) to President Dieter's rule was a nice touch of realism, not everyone's gonna just hop on board when a person essentially makes himself dictator. Meister Jorg preparing the Pater Mater... Loved the high stakes of the Michelam infiltration, fighting against all those Red Constellation jaegers. Elie's reunion has to be what it was since she's pushed as canon girl
Once again, I'll bring up the slight disappoint in Noel returning to the group so readily. From my understanding of Lloyd's fight with her, he proved that her resolve was wishy-washy since she's normally a stronger opponent...? It's a shame that more of her thoughts (though not much) regarding this was locked behind her final bonding event. Would have been nice to include it in the main plot since Noel's dilemma was so relevant to many in the State Guard as a whole (just following orders).

Amazing use of Crossbell's political framework, having Chairman MacDowell announcing the dissolution of the Independent State of Crossbell since it was instated through undemocratic methods. Throwing Dieter's words back at him...then the reaction of all the underground groups still within Crossbell city was so rewarding.

Campanella fight was really tedious. Perfectly encompassed the Enforcer's personality though. Unfathomed Force is such an incredible boss ost. Was able to "beat" Arianrhod, though there were some instances in that fight where it wasn't looking too good. Crazy that Elie was able to deduce that she's from the War of the Lions over 250 years ago...?! Or I have a feeling based on Arianrhod's response that she's "based" on that...? I expect more will be revealed in future games...

The first stage of the Crossbell Liberation was the moment that Ao surpassed Sky SC for me. So many incredible things, so many factions, both people we were familiar with from past games (Estelle, Joshua, Renne, Kevin, Ries), and the NPCS we grew to love from Crossbell. Everyone contributing in their own way to get the SSS in.
Pretty chilling having the ost from the Marshlands as the background for the city. Interesting scenes involving people who know "the lawyer" if you follow a guide... then finally Lechter and Kilika's intel proves invaluable again. Someone else is pulling the strings.
Second stage of the Liberation begins with Orchis Tower infiltration. Seeing Kilika and Lechter in action was crazy. Thanks for your sacrifice SSS car. Kevin's stigma then the Merkabah going down, wow. And then Pater Mater's sacrifice to save Renne (a true father and mother's sacrifice). When AI gives you feels, Nier Automata vibes man.

Mystic Core dungeon looked really cool, I'm always blown away by the dungeon music in Ao. EP drain was annoying at first, but max-Emblem master quartz is too op here lol. Finally meeting Shizuku again. It must be hard for her, since she can see again, but her friend sacrificed her "freedom" as part of the price, not to mention seeing her dad following his path so rigidly...touching moment to finally get Guy's tonfas, but this new evidence also brings into question if Arios really was Guy's murderer...I feel like I kinda "cheated," since even though the guide is "spoiler free," finding all those hidden events makes it so there's really only one other person who at least makes some sense...

Dieter and Colonel Richard similarities:
That final battle with Dieter was cathartic but also rather sad. Since he really did remind me of Colonel Richard. They both were willing to harm their own country men (arrests that were set up by the ID in Liberl; Raid of the city in Crossbell...the Cult sacrifices too...) in order to bring to light a power that could protect their country. They were both willing to install a new ruleleader, though Dieter installed himself instead of a proxy. Their love for their homeland was both genuine. Too bad that Dieter actually obtained the power he was seeking, and that absolute power corrupted absolutely. Richard on the other hand ultimately never reached that power he was seeking for Liberl.
And then of course, both were actually pawns in someone else's game. Mariabell is cold af. Just throwing aside her father like that. Lawyer Grimwood's reveal makes a lot of his involvement throughout the Crossbell arc. It's definitely easy to see how this seems completely out of left-field if the player wasn't able to find all those random hidden scenes and people to talk to. Definitely think the game itself could have made it easier to deduce this outcome in mandatory scenes, while still making it difficult enough that only the most observant players could put it together...

Final Dungeon
What an incredible final dungeon. It kinda felt like mashing all of P4/P5's dungeons/palaces into one massive place (since the mini-dungeons are based on the personality of the boss. Return of a stellar lineup of both dungeon and boss osts. Not to mention the track for the tree itself is hauntingly peaceful but also somber. Definitely reflects KeA's mind I guess.

Was gonna comment on the final character growth of Wazy, Rixia, and Randy, regarding their final bonding events and the boss fights, but will have to save that for another post... (sorry this has gotten so LONG).
That Firm Strength super arrange that plays in Arios dungeon...makes sense since the original track first plays when he shows up to save you in the GeoFront on the SSS's very first mission in Zero. And then the return of Get Over the Barrier ~Roaring Version. A lot of people say Inevitable Struggle is like the Silver Will of Crossbell. But I think this special version of Get Over the Barrier fits that title more. Total feels seeing how far Lloyd and the entire SSS has come.
Arios definitely was bogged down by his guilt over Guy, doubling down on the conspiracy that led to his friend's death. The Loewe equivalent in regards to that firm will, but still is able to stand completely on his own as his own character.

And finally, the truth of EVERYTHING. HOLY. CRAP. Never expected time reset to be a part of this mess. But it finally answers the question I had about that first scene in Zero. I thought Estelle and Joshua were left out as to not completely spoil right away that they would be in the game, but wow, this reveal is so much better. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for those time rewind stories (ala Higurashi and Umineko). Though it's interesting that there was seemingly no real "butterfly effect" asides from getting closer to the Brights and Renne....well I guess it makes sense since they say KeA can also influence the future...?
While it's understandable to want a power that can erase the pains of the past and prevent future tragedy, ultimately it's true that humans only grow through experiencing adversity.
Was a bit unbelievable seeing how quickly Lawyer Ian sided with the party again...I can only attribute it to perhaps he was the one to connect all those moving parts to each other (Ouroboros, jaegers, Arios, Crois clan), but ultimately it's still Mariabelle who's the de facto leader in charge of everything. Since she's just so driven and a natural manager, especially since she studied it. That's just a headcanon though...

I cheesed the fight with Mariabelle with ATS up food and Wazy's Reincarnation/Tio's Around Noah. It one-shot her cronies every time she summoned them. I ended that fight with 9999 exp and 999 of every sepith lol...
Still curious about KeA's power to influence people to like her. Is that deliberate on her part...? Or is it just something that was "programmed" into her as a homonculus...? Still don't entirely understand what's at play during that part, but I do understand it was brought up as to question whether she violated the SSS free will, and to also mentally traumatize her further to awaken the Azure Demiurgos.
People weren't joking around about how amazing Azure Arbitrator is. I definitely enjoy some symphonic metal (I'm probably considered light though, considering I mostly only listen to older Kamelot and Within Temptation tracks, some Rhapsody thrown in). Definitely had a feeling of finality to it.

Lloyd meeting with Guy again in that "Zero zone" ....man so proud of how far Lloyd has come. Reminded me of Estelle's scene with her mom in that dream world created by Luciola back in SC. Seemed believable to me that KeA would return to the SSS so readily after just a few choice words from Lloyd since she's still so young emotionally. Easily swayed by true feelings and such. That reunion with the entire SSS with KeA apologizing for worrying them all...she's such a sweetie.

Mariabelle actually doesn't bother me too much. Could another villain have been better? Probably, but ultimately I think she stays consistent with the person Falcom is trying to build after her true reveal back in chapter 4. It's just as Elie says about her being able to stand firm on her own in order to obtain what she wants. She willingly discarded her father, Lawyer Ian, KeA, Elie and the rest, when they no longer served a purpose to get what she wants. And think that's where an answer lies to her other infuriating traits...as of Ao, we're still not entirely sure what she actually WANTS now.
For all we know, Mariabelle was probably crafting these plans with the cult and Sept-terrion stuff her entire life. She obviously put that above everyone else in her life, which allows her to so easily leave her friendship with Elie behind.
Since she was unable to prevent KeA's powers from disappearing, there's nothing more that she can do regarding the Sept-terrion of Zero project. Elie says it herself that Mariabelle seeks what she wants without hesitation. I'll probably form a more complete opinion of Mariabelle when she appears in future games.

Relieved to see that political consequences weren't avoided compared to other games where such things are brushed aside. Of course the Empire would invade and annex them after everything that has happened.

Final thoughts:
Wow, Crossbell has been such an enjoyable ride. Even though the translation wasn't perfect, and especially lacking compared to the Sky games, I have been so touched by this cast's journey. My personal preference is definitely Crossbell, mostly due to the overall focus of the plot.
The political situation of this city-state is much more complex compared to the Sky games, and I am personally biased towards political intrigue in any given medium. Liberl's geographical location, monarchy, and relatively homogeneous society makes it much less susceptible to all the corruption that occurs in Crossbell. But don't get me wrong, I still love the Sky trilogy and cast.
Also all the battles of differing ideologies when it comes to war and protecting one's homeland were A+. Liberl had some great glimpses of this too, but such topics really shined more in Crossbell arc.
The Church is also my favorite/most intriguing organization out of the Trails games (yes, moreso than Ouroboros), so having all that good Gralsritter and Merkabah resources boosted these games for me. And Ao hit the sweet spot with just enough appearances of the previous arc's casts to really feel like one huge cohesive Trails game (prior to Cold Steel at least).

Ao has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had in gaming. Pacing was great- the plot just kept building and building; stakes kept getting higher; never really seemed to be a dull moment. Even the intermission chapter was much welcomed as a necessary break for the cast.
Definitely appreciated the more grounded themes/realistic world problems overall in Crossbell, what with political corruption and organized crime. Ouroboros' influence was very minor here, which was both a good and bad thing I guess. OST was AMAZING. Not just the battle themes but the ambient and dungeon tracks as well.
Still a bit sad that certain characters got shafted in character development in the main game (Elie, Tio, and Noel in a sense), while others needed final bonding event to get the context of their full character development when facing respective bosses in Azure tree. I can overlook that though since people are so kind to post all the final bonding scenes on youtube.
Great seeing the return of some Sky trilogy characters. Overall loved the main cast of SSS and all the other Crossbell NPCs from so many factions in this game. Sky had bracers, military, Ouroboros, and civilians for the most part, but Ao was insane with how many moving parts existed.

And thanks to all who have had their eyeballs bleed after reading this huge massive wall of text.
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Had an amazing 2-week coachella W2 road trip and wanted to share my itinerary because it worked so damn well!

Hey everyone, I'm a Canadian who's done a couple festivals in Canada (VELD and Osheaga), but I always wanted to go to a camping festival and Coachella worked out amazingly with my school schedule this year. I got most of April off, so I bought 2 W2 passes at the general sale and found a buddy who was interested in doing a road trip. I'm a huge fan of climbing and surfing, and I love California but there's a lot of places I haven't been, so I wanted to work in some of that given how much free time I had. Anyway, here's the details of our trip, hoping it may inspire some future Coachella road trippers!
  1. Bought 2x W2 passes + Shuttle Pass (unwanted) and car camping on General Sale day ($1200 US total). Wanted W1 and actually had a shot at them but my credit card was maxed out.
  2. Bought flights on SWOOP from Hamilton Ontario (near Toronto) to Vegas - $250 round trip.
  3. Reserved a rental SUV in Vegas for 2 weeks. (Considered a JUCY but eventually decided tents and an SUV would be more flexible and cheaper).
  4. Did some general research on the places I wanted to go, had a rough idea of an itinerary but no bookings.
Sunday April 14-VEGAS:
  • Parked at Hamilton Airport ($65 CAD for 1 wk + $15/day for each additional day).
  • Direct flight Hamilton to Vegas 9:30pm. Packed everything in 1 backpack per person, didn't pay carry-on or checked fee.
  • booked a room at Luxor hotel that same day on Priceline (came to $80 US total for 2 queen beds).
  • Booked campsites at Zion for next 2 days ($20 + $50)
  • Walked around Vegas till 2am drinking beers, checking out casinos (I had never been).
Monday April 15-ZION:
  • Picked up Venture 2P camping rental pack from Basecamp Outdoor Gear in Vegas. Upgraded to 3-season sleeping bags. Came with stove, sleeping pads, 2P tent, camp table, 2 camp chairs, knife, headlights, lantern. $325 for 2 weeks.
  • Grocery run at Walmart, got pasta, meat and sauce, chili, water, etc.
  • Arrived in Zion, did a sunset hike of Watchman trail, set up camp and cooked dinner.
Tues April 16-ZION:
  • Bought America the Beautiful 1-yr all-included National Park pass (covers a whole vehicle). - $80 USD
  • Hiked Zion: Angel's landing was amazing, very cool classic hike with scary cliff drops. The Narrows hike, another classic, was closed (typical in April). Ranger said we had hiked most of the open trails in Zion.
  • Opted to give up our $20 site and instead drive to Page AZ to check out other parks. Easily booked a campsite, $25.
Wed April 17-Antelope Canyon/Grand Canyon:
  • Went on Antelope Canyon tour. $60 US, run by Navajo locals. Short, photography-based tour. Had to either book ahead or show up early for cancellations.
  • Drove to Indio, beautiful drive and stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way.
  • Stayed at Indio motel (booked day-of, $100 US for 2 beds). Owner held onto our camp knife and tent pegs for the weekend!
  • got In-N-Out burger - was amazing
Thurs April 18-SO-CAL:
  • Debated going early for Coachella camping spot, but instead spent the day getting supplies at Walmart (Got info from another camper to get a Canopy - this was key) and in Orange county/LA. Checked out Newport Beach.
  • Pulled into car camping at 10pm, short lines. Spot was pretty far away in 1017 st S, but it really didn't bother us too much. Neighbours were all friendly, most of them stayed around camp for most of the festival though.
  • Checked out silent disco and went to bed.
Fri April 19-COACHELLA:
  • Woke up late, made breakfast, got ready and headed to festival for 2pm. Blown away by how amazing the grounds were. Antarctic was also dope. Saw about 15-20 acts, just exploring the grounds. Went back to camp 1x in evening, then went back to the festival until 1am, then slept.
Sat April 20th-Coachella:
  • Entered fest at about 3pm, regrouped at camp in evening, then went back and stayed till 1am again. Slept
Sun April 21st-Coachella:
  • Lined up for Sunday Service at 7am. Stayed till finish
  • Went to camp, headed to the grounds at 3:30pm, stayed until midnight. Went to turn-down tent for a couple hours, grabbed food, had beers with neighbours and slept around 2-3am.
Mon April 22nd-Joshua Tree:
  • Tore down camp and ready to go by 10am - needed a jumpstart though (dude did it for free because we only had canadian version of AAA!)
  • Grocery run at Wal-Mart
  • drove to Joshua Tree, rented climbing shoes ($10 each), and tried to rent a crash pad but the place was closed.
  • Cooked dinner in the Boy Scout parking lot, then hiked out to backcountry camp (you have to self-register)-FREE.
  • ran into a dude hiking who was gonna go bouldering the next day so we planned to meet up in the morning.
  • Stars in J-Tree are amazing. We threw "Underwater" by Rüfüs du Sol on repeat to relive Antarctic, and right at the final second we saw a gigantic shooting star!
Tues April 23rd-Joshua Tree:
  • Caught sunrise in J-tree from our campsite, then tore down camp and met up with the guys to go bouldering. Bouldered till 3pm, then returned our shoes and did the Mt Ryan hike at sunset.
  • Drove to Santa Barbara for a halfway stop on our way to big sur. 4-5hr drive, motel cost $100 for 2 beds.
Wed April 24 - Surfing/Big Sur
  • Got up late, drove to Pismo beach (such a nice surf town) and rented some boards and wetsuits for the half-day-$25 USD each. Waves were good for beginners to fool around on. Packed up around 4pm and drove towards Big Sur, Highway 1.
  • Saw the elephant seals at the southern tip of Big Sur
  • Saw evening and sunset along Big Sur - truly the most amazing drive I've ever done.
  • Got dinner in Monterey and then drove to Yosemite in the dark. Got to the park entrance at 2AM and slept in the car.
Thurs April 25 - Yosemite
  • Woke up at 5am to drive to Camp 4 and get spots in this famous campground where rock climbing was born. We were 12th in line for 59 spots, and cost is $6/person per night. (*NOTE: this first-come first-serve system is getting shut down forever in May - you will have to enter an overnight online lottery).
  • We set up camp (6 people share a site - our site-mates were really friendly and we met lots of great people in Camp 4).
  • We hiked Upper Yosemite Falls which starts right at Camp 4. Took all day as we decided to try to get to El Capitan during a trail closure (many trails were closed due to snow). We didn't succeed but it was fun.
Fri April 26 - Yosemite
  • We rented shoes and boulder mats in Yosemite and went bouldering until 3pm. There are great boulders right near Camp 4.
  • At 3:30pm we did the Mist Trail hike, which brings you to Vernal falls and Nevada falls. It's beautiful and a lot easier than Upper Falls.
Sat April 27 - San Francisco
  • Caught sunrise over the Dawn Wall of El Capitan. This was an amazing sight to me.
  • Tore down camp and headed out before 11am. Drove to San Francisco (5 hours), crossed the Golden Gate in.
  • Got a cheap motel in San Francisco ($110/night for 2 beds). Used the Ford GoBikes ($10/24h) and did a bike tour of Japantown, Chinatown, Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Mission District, Coit Tower and Telegraph hill, Haight-Ashbury, and Presidio/Palace of Fine Arts. Got home at about 3am, exhausted.
Sun April 28th
  • Woke up at 7am for the long drive back to Vegas. Stopped at the google campus in Mountain View to ride the GBikes around.
  • Got to Vegas at 5pm, returned our camping gear and ate some great Mexican food.
  • Flew back to Hamilton on a 10:30pm flight.
Overall we had an AMAZING coachella, saw some breathtaking views, got a taste of California climbing and surfing, did some amazing drives, and met awesome people. We spent a lot of time outdoors and we felt super relaxed by the end of the trip. I think overall we did well saving money, and had a good mix of planning and spontaneity.
  • Plan only 1 day in Zion and book campsite in advance - too many closures in April. Maybe spend some time in another park (Death Valley, Mojave, etc)
  • Spend less time on Friday getting supplies and more time in So-Cal (check out LA Observatory, LA Proper or San Diego)
  • Try to do less campsite re-groups for coachella, and just stay once I enter the grounds. Maybe go a little later in the day to stay out later. Try and find a big group there to party with early on. Bring more Mio Sports (1/person/day would be safe) for electrolyte hydration :P
  • Try not to let our battery die on Monday - think I left a door open, oops
  • Get to J-Tree a little earlier for a boulder mat (3:30 or so)
  • See the eucalyptus forest in Pismo Beach!
  • Bring my own climbing shoes, maybe other climbing gear too.
I definitely travel very fast and I was lucky to have a travel buddy who was able to keep up. But if you want to see some amazing parts of california and have some free time around coachella, I hope this gives you some ideas! Drop any questions below, and let me know if you think it would be good to crosspost this anywhere.
PS: We got so much good coachella info from this Sub. Not sure how it would have gone without everyone's help. Thank you!
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[ROLEPLAY] I have seen the Future, you must believe.

Throughout Las Vegas, "Bane's Theme" from Batman was playing on repeat via loudspeakers installed to every building and every home
War Boys in modified Toyota Hilux trucks blazed down the Las Vegas strip as explosions and other random chaos continued throughout the once great and prosperous city of Vegas.
On the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, flew the flag of the Holy American Empire while the War Band of Trump made up of Pikachu cosplayers, Cancer-ridden War Boys, and K-POP artists played the Trump National AnthemBane's Theme on repeat.
Despite the North Korean forces having died and the Based Brazilian Patriots having gone home (with their equipment), the War Boys and Loyal Based Patriot Americans still hadn't stopped partying. Brazilian Alcohol bottles littered the desert, remnants from before their planes took off for home.
A large pile of "casino chips" all the chips from all the casinos had been piled high within Ceasars Palace (Las vegas hotel), atop it sat the Throne of the God Emperor, and on that throne? Donald J. Trump - God Emperor of the Holy American Empire.
Donald J. Trump: What news from the Northern Realms?
Mike "Silver Fox" Pence: Sir, it appears as if the Republic has taken the Alamo, soon they will have reached the Valley of Fire.
Donald J. Trump: And of the south?
General Carson...Ben Carson: The South has all but fallen sir, the Joshua Tree has burned while they push beyond Kingman into the Mojave. The same stands true for Death Valley, and to our east the Hualapai.
Ceasars Palace stood quiet, the news silencing the chatter of the Court. Locked in Vegas, a gamblers dream, just not a dream today.
War-boy: The Scouts are back! They are Back!
A War-boy scout came running in, kneeling before the God Emperor.
War-boy Scout: Sire, I come bearing news.
BAM (The scout is hit by Mike Pence's fist.)
Mike Huckabee: You will address him as he is due.
War-boy Scout: Caesar of Caesars, Nobilissmus, Pater Patriae, Perpetuus, Pious Felix, Pontifex Maximus, Imperator, Dominus, Maximus Augustus, God-Emperor, Donald J. Trump, sire. I come bearing news.
Ajit Pai: Better. Better.
Donald J. Trump looked down upon the War-boy, DJT-nearly blind could barely make out the tanned orange skin of the war-boy before him, Trump's age now 96, was suffering. Unlike the Wrestlers in Canada such as Maxime Bernier and others who had access to substances to reduce aging, Trump had been in the age inducing job of warfare.
Donald J. Trump: What is the news my child...
War-boy Scout: Scouts at Charleston Peak have confirmed that the Pacific Republic has reached Pahrump. Our defenses remain strong at Mountain Springs but they are taking territory.
Ben Carson: Sire, we must take action!
Melania Trump: Husband...what will we do?
Mike "Silver Fox" Pence: Sir, your son, he calls for you.
Donald J. Trump: Barron? BARRON!
Barron Trump was still in Kelowna, but new hologram-telephone technologies had a physical representation of himself in the Ceasars Palace.
Donald J. Trump: Barron, how we've missed you. My son, when shall you return?
Barron Trump: Never father, for I have seen the future.
Donald J. Trump: But we can break you out, the CG don't stand a chance against my armies.
Barron Trump: Father, the CG could end you right now. Please, that is not how your story ends.
Donald J. Trump: My story?
Barron Trump: They showed me...they showed me the future.
Donald J. Trump: Enough about that! You aren't a time traveler! Are you off your meds again?
Barron Trump: You don't understand...father, it's glorious.
Donald J. Trump: Enough of this! Tell the CG I will see you returned.
Barron Trump: Father, I am staying here of my own free will. Your story is ending. Soon it will be over. But it is not the end of the Empire.
Donald J. Trump: What?
Barron Trump: The future, we rule. We rule the Empire, the Trump name survives.
Donald J. Trump: No, I will survive. I will lead my em...
Barron Trump: LOOK AROUND YOU! Surrounded on all sides! You have no other options! Please father, surrender yourself! End this.
Donald J. Trump: Of all the people to betray me...my own flesh and blood.
Barron Trump: Please!
Donald J. Trump: I will show you...I will show you my will to live.
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The OSL Possibilities List...with Notes!

So I combed through the list looking at tour schedules for everybody and marking down when they were playing in the greater Bay Area and what their other tour dates were around OSL. All of that is listed below, but doesn't include musical artists that were suggested by other users but were not playing any of the other tracked festivals.
While the official prediction game is over, feel free to make further predictions in this thread, armed with the tour knowledge listed.
Adele (no upcoming dates, rumored that she'll never tour again)
Billy Joel (no dates between August 8th in Denver and August 26th in Baltimore)
Bjork (no dates after May 6th-June 1st multimedia show residency in NY)
Bruce Springsteen (no upcoming dates and stated on Twitter that there would be no 2019 tour)
Cher (no dates between May 30th in Vancouver and August 21st in Vegas that is part of her Vegas residency)
Childish Gambino (no dates after June 14th in Tennessee)
Coldplay (no upcoming dates)
Daft Punk (no upcoming dates)
Depeche Mode (no dates after March 29th in Spain)
Diana Ross (no dates after July 22nd in Colorado, has Vegas residency in June)
Drake (no dates after April 26th in the Netherlands, no U.S. dates)
Eagles (no dates after July 8th in Ireland, no U.S. dates)
Eminem (no upcoming dates)
Eric Clapton (no dates after June 10th in Germany, no U.S. dates)
Foo Fighters (no dates between June 29th in Sweden and August 13th in Hungary)
Frank Ocean (no upcoming dates)
Green Day (no upcoming dates)
Guns N Roses (no upcoming dates)
Gwen Stefani (only Vegas residency dates with break between July 26th and October 11th)
Jay-Z (no dates other than Woodstock 50 weekend after OSL)
Kanye West (no upcoming dates)
Kendrick Lamar (no dates after April 7th in Chile, no U.S. dates)
Kids See Ghosts (no upcoming dates, but tour rumored)
Lady Gaga (only Vegas residency dates with break between June 15th and October 17th)
Madonna (no upcoming dates)
Maroon 5 (no dates between June 11th in France and August 31st in Curacao, no U.S. dates)
Miley Cyrus (no dates between June 30th in UK and August 16th at Woodstock 50)
Missy Elliott (no dates after July 5th in New Orleans)
Nicki Minaj (no dates after June 21st in L.A.)
Pearl Jam (no dates between July 6th in UK and September 28th in Dana Point, CA)
Phish (no dates between July 14th in Wisconsin and August 30th in Colorado)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (no dates before August 16th in Japan)
Robert Plant (no dates after July 2nd in Norway, no U.S dates)
Rod Stewart (no dates between July 13th in UK and Vegas residency beginning September 18th)
Roger Waters (no upcoming shows)
Sting (no dates between August 1st in France and August 23rd in Illinois)
The Strokes (no dates between July 21st in France and September 27th in Dana Point, CA)
Tool (no dates after July 2nd in Portugal)
Travis Scott (no dates after July 13th in Switzerland)
Twenty One Pilots (no dates between July 21st in France and August 13th in Hungary)
U2 (no upcoming shows and Bono said cryptic message at last 2018 show that they were "going away now")
7 Tracked Festivals:
King Princess (plays Fillmore April 22, no dates listed past July 28th in Detroit)
4 Tracked Festivals:
Chelsea Cutler (plays Fillmore March 22, no dates listed past April 3rd)
Clairo (plays Pitchfork in Chicago July 21st then Reading UK festival August 23rd)
Denzel Curry (plays Bill Graham Civic opening for Billie Eilish on May 29th, plays Seattle on July 19th then August 16th in Netherlands)
Easy Life (no dates after August 3rd in UK)
Playboi Carti (no dates after June 1st in NY)
Sheck Wes (playing in Montreal on August 9th or 10th)
3 Tracked Festivals
070 Shake (no dates after June 2nd in Spain)
The Band Camino (plays July 14th in Kentucky then September 7th in Tennessee)
Bazzi (no dates after June 2nd in NY)
Bob Moses (plays July 13th in Portugal then August 17th in Utah)
Brockhampton (plays July 14th in Netherlands then August 17th in Japan)
Caamp (no dates after August 2nd in Portland)
Dennis Lloyd (plays Great American Music Hall on April 11th, no dates after June 30th in Switzerland)
Gucci Mane (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Hippo Campus (no dates after August 2nd in Iowa)
Hop Along (plays The Independent on April 18-19, no dates after July 12 in Kentucky)
Hozier (no dates after April 14th in Spokane)
Kacey Musgraves (plays August 2nd in Iowa then August 24th in Paso Robles, CA)
Ravyn Lenae (no dates after June 2nd in NY)
Shame (plays The New Parish in Oakland on April 23rd, no dates after July 14th in Finland)
Taylor Bennett (no dates after June 2nd in NY)
Two Feet (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (plays the Greek Theatre on April 19th, no dates past July 26th in Japan)
Walk the Moon (no dates past June 23rd in Delaware)
2 Tracked Festivals:
Alison Wonderland (plays July 21st in Paris then August 15th in Austria)
Blood Orange (no dates after June 3rd in Maryland)
Calpurnia (no dates after July 14th in Kentucky
Castlecomer (no dates after June 21st in Delaware)
Cautious Clay (no dates after June 15th in Norway)
Crooked Colours (no dates after July 21st in Washington)
Diplo (plays August 1st in Minnesota then August 23rd in Netherlands)
Ella Mai (plays The Fox in Oakland on April 23rd, no dates after May 22nd in Tennessee)
Evan Giia (no dates after July 19th in Washington)
Flora Cash (plays August Hall in SF on May 22nd as opening act, no dates after June 21st in Michigan)
Flipp Dinero (no dates after June 21st in Delaware)
Gesaffelstein (no dates after June 2nd in NY)
Gorgon City (plays the Regency Ballroom on April 17th, no dates after July 27th in UK)
Gunna (plays the Fillmore on April 7th as opening act, no dates after July 15th in Croatia
The Interrupters (plays the Regency Ballroom on March 14th, no dates after June 30th in Spain)
J.I.D. (no shows after July 28th in Michigan)
Jpegmafia (plays the Warfield on March 28th as opening act, no dates after July 21st in Chicago)
Judah and the Lion (plays July 26th in Germany, August 10th in Missouri, and August 13th in Colorado)
Khalid (plays July 6th in Canada then September 7th in Germany)
Kid Cudi (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Kygo (no dates after July 9th in Canada)
Lauren Daigle (plays July 31st in Michigan then August 10th in Portland and August 11th in Vancouver)
Let's Eat Grandma (plays the Chapel on April 18th, plays August 8th in Italy then August 29th in UK)
Lil Mosey (no dates after May 24th in Vegas)
Lil Wayne (no dates after June 21st in Los Angeles)
The Lumineers (play July 29th in Denmark then September 21st in New Jersey)
Mansionair (no dates after June 27th in MIchigan)
Medasin (play July 19 in Washington then September 12th in Colorado)
Mura Masa (play June 9th in UK then August 22nd in UK)
Nghtmre (no dates after July 21st in Germany)
Nora en Pure (no dates after July 14th in Germany)
The Nude Party (play the Great American Music Hall on April 25th, no dates after May 10th in UK)
The Record Company (play the Ace of Spades in Sacramento on June 5th, play July 14th in Massachusetts then August 17th in Montana)
Ric Wilson (no dates after July 21st in Chicago)
Ripe (play July 14th in Massachusetts then September 21st in New Jersey)
Rubblebucket (play the Cornerstone in Berkeley on March 28th, no dates after June 22nd in Delaware)
Sales (no dates after April 27 at August Hall in SF)
Shaed (play March 15th at Rickshaw Stop in SF, no dates after June 29th in Denver)
Snakehips (no dates after July 14th in NY)
Soccer Mommy (plays the Great American Music Hall on April 17th and 18th and Bill Graham Civic as opener on October 1st, play July 21st in Chicago then September 25th in Canada)
Still Woozy (play the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, no dates after July 21st in Washington)
Sunflower Bean (play July 26-28 in UK then August 11th in Toronto)
Tank and the Bangas (no dates after June 22nd in Delaware)
Tobi Lou (no dates after June 2nd in NY)
Tyla Yaweh (no dates after June 14th in Tennessee)
Tyler the Creator (no dates after June 21st in Delaware)
U.S. Girls (no dates after July 14th in Canada)
Wallows (play the Fillmore on April 26th and 27th, no dates after July 28th in Detroit)
Yellow Days (play July 27th in Michigan then August 14-17 in Portugal)
Zhu (play Shambhala Music Fest in British Columbia same weekend as OSL)
1 Tracked Festival:
10K.Caash (no dates after May 12 in Florida)
12th Planet (play March 16th at Regency Ballroom, no dates after March 30th in Arizona)
21 Savage (no dates after May 4th in Kansas)
3lau (play March 15th at Pure Nightclub in Sunnyvale, no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
4B (play March 30th at Bill Graham Civic as opener, no dates after July 21st in Germany)
88Glam (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (play April 4th at The Fillmore, no dates after April 11th in Massachusetts)
Aaron Aye (no dates after May 31st in NY)
Adia Victoria (no dates between May 26th in Massachusetts and September 21st in Tennessee)
Agoria (play Dreambeach Festival in Spain August 7th to 11th, but unclear what day he may be playing on)
All Them Witches (no dates after June 22nd in Switzerland)
Amber Mark (no dates after July 19th in Chicago)
Ame (no dates after July 21st in Spain)
Andrew McMahon (play March 21st at Fox in Oakland, no dates after June 22 in Delaware)
Anna Lunoe (no shows after July 19th in Indonesia)
Anoushka Shankar (no shows after June 14th in Tennessee)
Aphex Twin (no shows between April 21st at Coachella and August 25th in Paris)
Arkells (play March 27th at Cornerstone in Berkeley, no dates after July 27th in UK)
The Artisanals (no dates after July 14th in Kentucky)
Asian Doll (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Awolnation (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
BabyG (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Baby Goth (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Bakar (no dates after May 4th in UK)
Bassnectar (no dates after July 20th in Pennsylvania)
Bblasian (no dates after July 13th in Kentucky)
Beach Fossils (no dates after May 3rd in Arizona)
Beach House (playing Bellwether Festival in Ohio on August 9th or 10th)
Beau Young Prince (play March 22nd at The Warfield as opener, no dates after March 23rd in Hollywood)
Bebe Rexha (no dates after May 19th in Alabama)
Bendigo Fletcher (no dates after July 14th in Kentucky)
Big Baby Scumbag (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Big Red Machine (no dates after June 2nd in Spain)
Big Wild (no dates after July 21st in Washington)
Blaatina (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Blac Youngsta (no dates after May 24th in Maryland)
BlackPink (no dates between May 28th in Spain and August 16th in Japan)
Blond:ish (no dates after July 7th in Belgium)
Bloodpop (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Blueface (play March 19th at Warfield as Opener and June 28th at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, no dates after that)
Boa (no dates after April 20th in Indiana)
Bombino (play March 27th at the Independent, no dates after June 23rd at San Luis Obispo)
Bones (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Boy Pablo (no dates between July 10th in Norway and August 12th in France)
Brianna Perry (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Bruno Mali (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Bryce Vine (no dates after 19th in Alabama)
Buddy (play March 23rd at Harlow's in Sacramento, no dates after July 13th in UK)
Bumpin Uglies (play April 27th at Bottom of the Hill in SF, play Freakstomp Festival in Ohio same weekend as OSL, but not sure which day)
Burna Boy (play April 17th at Slim's, no dates after August 4th in Portugal)
Calypso Rose (no dates after July 13th in Slovakia)
CamelPhat (no dates between July 5th in Croatia and August 22nd in UK)
Car Seat Headrest (no dates between July 3rd in Nebraska and August 11th in L.A. as opener)
Carly Johnson (no dates after July 14th in Kentucky)
Caroline Rose (no dates between August 9th in Ohio and August 15th in Colorado)
Catfish and the Bottlemen (play March 23rd at Fox in Oakland, no dates between August 3rd in Ireland and August 12th in Hungary)
Charli XCX (no dates between July 21st in Chicago and August 22nd in UK)
Charlotte Gainsbourg (play April 15th at The Regency, no dates after July 26th in France)
Cherry Glazerr (no dates after July 14th in Tennessee)
Chief Keef (no dates after May 8th in North Carolina)
Chief Pound (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Chon (no dates after May 4th in Georgia)
Chris Lake (no dates after May 17th in North Carolina)
CID (no dates after August 3rd in Calgary, Canada)
Cirez D (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
City Girls (play March 19th at the Warfield as opener, no dates after July 14th in NY)
City Morgue (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
CloZee (no dates between August 3rd in Colorado and August 13th in Italy)
Coca Vango (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Coi Leray (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Cola Boyy (play April 18th at Rickshaw Stop in SF between Coachella weekends, no dates after June 27th in Michigan)
Comethazine (no dates between May 11th in Miami and August 23rd in UK)
Craig Brown Band (no dates after July 28th in Michigan)
CVBZ (no dates after June 27th in Michigan)
D Savage (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
DaniLeigh (no dates after July 14th in NY)
Danny Towers (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Dashboard Confessional (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Dave P (no dates after April 19th at Coachella)
Deafheaven (play March 16th at UC Theater in Berkeley, no dates between June 14th in Tennessee and August 17th in Vegas)
Deal Casino (play March 25th at Cornerstone in Berkeley, no dates after May 31st in NY)
Death Cab for Cutie (no dates between July 27th in Japan and August 11th in L.A.)
Deep Dish (no dates after May 25th in Greece)
Dessa (play May 24th at Bottlerock, no dates after June 1st in Vegas)
Deva Mahal (no dates between June 22nd in NY and August 25th in Virginia)
Dillon Francis (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
DJ Mel (no dates after June 16th in Tennessee)
DMX (play April 21st at UC Theater in Berkeley, no dates after July 27th in Long Beach)
Dombresky (play March 22nd at 1015 Folsom in SF, no dates after June 16th in Tennessee)
Donna Missal (play March 26th at The Independent in SF, no dates after June 13th in Tennessee)
The Doozers (no dates after July 28th in Michigan)
Dorfex Bos (no dates after June 30th in Michigan)
Dr. Fresch (no dates after June 30th in Michigan)
Dragondeer (no dates after June 30th in Michigan)
Ducky (no dates after June 14th in Tennessee)
Dusky (play April 13th at The Great Northern in SF, no dates after June 25th in Albania)
dvsn (no dates after April 19th at Coachella)
Ekali (no dates between July 20th in Pennsylvania and September 12th in Colorado)
Elley Duhe (no dates after May 26th at Bottlerock)
Emily King (no dates after May 5th in NY)
Emo Nite (play March 30th at Rickshaw Stop in SF, no dates after July 26th in NY)
Eprom (no dates after July 18th in Montreal)
Eric Biddines (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Erin Rae (no dates between July 14th in Kentucky and September 27th in SoCal)
Evan Giia (no dates after July 19th in Washington)
Faye Webster (play April 5th at Cafe du Nord in SF, no dates after June 16th in Tennessee)
Fendi P (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
First Aid Kit (no dates after July 14th in Kentucky)
FKJ (play April 10th-11th at The Warfield, no dates between July 12th in UK and August 16th in UK)
Freddie Gibbs (play May 5th at Brick & Mortar in SF, no dates after July 21st in Chicago)
The Frights (no dates after May 24th at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz)
G Herbo (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
The Garden (no dates after April 20th at Coachella)
GASHI ( no dates after July 9th in Canada)
Gat$ (no dates after May 12 in Miami)
Gojira (play July 26th at Shoreline as opener), no dates between August 8th in Nebraska and August 11th in Illinois)
Goldlink (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Go$h (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Goth Babe (no dates after July 28th in Michigan)
Gramatik (no dates between August 3rd in Washington and September 7th in Germany)
Grandson (play April 3rd at Slim's, no dates after May 19th in Alabama)
Great Good Fine OK (no dates after June 1st in Ohio)
Greta Van Fleet (no dates between July 13th in Spain and September 3rd in Australia)
Grizfolk (play March 21st at Fox in Oakland as opener, no dates after March 24th in San Diego)
Grlwood (no dates after July 12th in Kentucky)
Grownboitrap (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Guapdad 4000 (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Gucci Gang (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
Gus Dapperton (no dates after August 1st in Austria)
Guster (no dates after May 26th in Boston)
Guy Gerber (no dates after July 13th in UK)
Half Alive (no dates between June 21st in Delaware and September 13th in L.A.)
Heidi Lawden (no dates after August 3rd in UK)
Hekler (no dates after July 9th in Ontario)
H.E.R. (no dates after July 13th in UK)
Highly Suspect (no dates after July 12th in Kentucky)
The Him (no dates between May 19th in Alabama and August 17th in Austria)
Hippie Sabotage (no dates after June 19th in Colorado)
Hot Since 82 (no dates between May 27th in Michigan and August 17th in UK)
Hundredth (no dates after June 29th in Netherlands)
Hurray For the Riff Raff (no dates after April 27th in New Orleans)
HYUKOH (no dates after July 14th in UK)
Ibeyi (no dates after July 26th in France)
Ice Billion Berg (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Iceage (play April 23rd at the New Parish, no dates after May 7th in Chicago
Idris Elba (no dates after April 20th at Coachella)
Iglooghost (no dates after May 31st in Spain)
Ilovemakonnen (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Indigochildrick (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Israel Nash (no dates between July 13th in Kentucky and August 24th in New Hampshire)
J Balvin (no dates between July 23rd in Spain and August 16th in Mexico)
Jade Bird (play June 8th at Greek Theater as opener, no dates between August 4th in Iowa and August 23rd in UK)
Jade Cicada (no dates after June 14th in Tennessee)
Jaden Smith (no dates after April 28th in Virginia)
Jambinai (no dates after June 8th in Portugal)
Jan Blomqvist (no dates after July 13th in Germany)
Javiera Mena (no dates after May 17th in Spain)
Jauz (no dates between August 5th in Toronto and August 10th in Vegas and August 11th in Phoenix)
Jaydayoungan (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Jeremy Zucker (no dates between June 1st in Cincinnati and August 22nd in UK)
Jesse Royal (no dates after May 26th in Monterey)
Jim James (no dates after July 7th in Quincy, CA)
Jonas Blue (no dates between July 21st in France and August 24th in UK)
Jony J (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Joywave (no dates after June 22nd in Delaware)
Jukebox the Ghost (no dates after June 2nd in Ohio)
Justin Jay (no dates after May 19th in Alabama)
Kash Doll (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Kevin Gates (no dates after July 31st in Virginia)
The Kid Laroi (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Kid Quill (no dates after June 30th in Michigan)
Kid Trunks (no dates after May 31st in Belgium)
Killumantii (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Killy (no dates after July 11th in Netherlands)
Kilo Kish (play March 23rd at Regency Ballroom, no dates after May 26th in Boston)
King Henry (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
KirbLaGoop (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
The Knocks (no dates after June 29th in Denver)
Knower (no dates after June 27th in Michigan)
Kodak Black (play March 23rd at The Warfield, no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Kolsch (no dates between July 14th in Belgium and August 17th in Netherlands)
Lancey Foux (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Las Cafeteras (no dates after August 3rd in L.A.)
Las Robertas (no dates after April 19th at Coachella)
Lauren Lane (no dates after April 19th at Coachella)
Lee Burridge (no dates after June 8th in Netherlands)
Leebrian (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Leikeli47 (play April 16th at the New Parish in Oakland, no dates after July 11th in Ottawa)
Lettuce (play March 21-24 at SF Jazz Center, play Telluride Jazz Fest in Colorado on August 9th, 10th ,or 11th)
Lightskinkeisha (no shows after May 11th in Miami)
Lil Baby (play March 18 at Fox in Oakland and March 19 at Warfield, no dates between July 14th in NY and August 22nd in UK)
Lil Berete (no dates after May 18th in Montreal)
Lil Dicky (no dates after June 16th in Tennessee)
Lil Duke (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Lil Durk (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Lil Gotit (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Lil Keed (play April 7th at Fillmore as opener, no dates after May 16th in Atlanta)
Lil Pump (play April 26th at Warfield, play August 9th or 10th in Montreal)
Lil Skies (play April 26th at Warfield, no dates after July 7th in UK)
Lil Tjay (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Lil Uzi Vert (no dates between July 20th in Spain and August 22nd in UK)
Lil Yachty (no dates after July 6th in Vancouver)
Lily Allen (no dates after June 16th in UK)
Liquid Stranger (play March 15th at Slim's, no dates after June 13th in Tennessee)
Lolo Zouai (play May 14th at Rickshaw Stop in SF, no dates after July 14th in NY)
The Lonely Island (no dates after June 29th in Minnesota)
Los Tucanes de Tijuana (no dates after June 13th in Mexico)
Lostboycrow (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Loud Luxury (no dates between August 2nd in Vegas and August 22nd in UK)
Lucius (play April 25th at Great American Music Hall and September 21st & 22nd at Greek as opener, no dates between August 4th in Oregon and Greek gigs)
Lykke Li (no dates after July 13th in UK)
Madeintyo (no dates after July 13 in Germany)
Magic City Hippies (play May 25th at Bottlerock, no dates after July 28th in Pennsylvania)
Magic Giant (no dates between June 23rd in Delaware and September 26th in Mendocino)
The Main Squeeze (no dates after August 3rd in Colorado)
Maliibu MItch (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Manu Crooks (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Maren Morris (play March 26th at The Masonic, no dates between August 8th in Canada and August 16th in New Zealand)
The Marias (no dates after July 13th in Kentucky)
Matt Ox (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
MAX (no dates after June 22nd in Delaware)
Megan Thee Stallion (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Melii (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
MEMBA (no dates after August 4th in Colorado)
Members Only (no dates after May 31st in Belgium)
Men I Trust (no dates after July 21st in Michigan)
Mersiv (no dates after July 18th in Pennsylvania)
The Messenger Birds (no dates after July 27th in Detroit)
The Messthetics (play April 22nd at The Chapel in SF, no dates after June 26th in Vancouver)
Migos (no dates after July 21st in France)
Miles Kane (no dates between July 28th in UK and August 30th in Ireland)
MKUltra (no dates after June 2nd in NY)
MO (no dates after July 21st in UK)
Mo Lowda and the Humble (play August 9th, 10th,and 17th in Colorado)
Monsieur Perine (no dates after June 14th in Tennessee)
Moon Boots (no dates after June 23rd in Albania)
Moon Taxi (no dates between July 20th in Maine and September 7th in Tennessee)
Morgxn (no dates after July 27th in Houston)
Mr Eazi (play April 21st at the Regency Ballroom, no dates between June 30th in the Netherlands and November 13th in UK)
Mt. Joy (play March 30th at the Fillmore, no dates between April 7th in San Diego and September 27th in Dana Point, CA)
Mulatto (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Naeem (no dates after May 24th in Boston)
Nahko and Medicine for the People (play May 26th in Monterey, no dates between August 6th in Montana and August 25th in Virginia)
Naked Giants (play May 24th at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, no dates after July 13th in the Netherlands)
NAS (no dates after July 14th in Virginia)
Nate Dae (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Nessly (no dates after May 24th in Georgia)
Nic Fanciulli (no dates after July 7th in Italy)
NIcole Moudaber (play April 6th at The Midway in SF, plays August 9th or 10th in Montreal)
Njomza (no dates after May 31st in NY)
Nocturnal Sunshine (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
Nombe (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Ocho Ojos (no dates after April 21st at Coachella and October 10th at Joshua Tree)
Ookay (play August 10th in Vegas, not playing anywhere August 9th or 11th)
The Orphan The Poet (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Otown Marco (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Pardison Fontaine (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Parquet Courts (no dates between July 21st in Chicago and August 29th in UK)
Party Pupils (play March 28th at 1015 Folsom in SF, no dates after July 6th in Hollywood)
Patrice Baumel (play August 9th, 10th, or 11th at We Can Dance festival in Belgium)
Peach Pit (no dates after July 21st in Washington)
Penny & Sparrow (play June 28th at the Fox Theater in Oakland as opener, no dates between July 14th in Kentucky and September 7th in Tennessee)
Perfume (play April 17th at Civic in San Jose, no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
Phosphorescent (no dates between June 22nd in Delaware and September 21st in Tennessee)
Phresher (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
PJ Morton (no dates after July 13th in Kentucky)
PLS&TY (no dates after June 27th in Michigan)
PNB Rock (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Polo and Pan (no dates between June 28th in France and August 24th in France)
Polo G (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Princess Nokia (no dates between July 13th in Spain and September 7th in Germany)
Pusha T (no dates after July 21st in Chicago)
Quando Rondo (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Queen Key (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Rackz God (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Rae Sremmurd (no dates after July 19th in Indonesia)
Rakeem Miles (no dates after July 22nd in Delaware)
Rat Boy (no dates after July 28th in UK)
Razorbumps (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
The Red Clay Strays (no dates after May 17th in Alabama)
The Red Pears (no dates after April 20th at Coachella)
Rich the Kid (play March 30th at the Warfield, no dates after July 13th in Germany)
Richy Samo (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Rick Ross (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Rico Nasty (no dates after June 2nd in Spain)
Rival Sons (play May 7th at The Fillmore, no dates after August 1st in Norway)
RL Grime (no dates after July 19th in Seattle)
Rob Markman (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Robb Banks (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Rod Wave (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Rosalia (no dates after July 11th in Spain)
Ross From Friends (play April 21st at The Independent in SF, no dates after July 21st in Germany)
Ruen Brothers (no dates after July 14th in Kentucky)
Ruston Kelly (no dates between August 4th in Iowa and November 11th in Dominican Replublic)
SAINt JHN (no dates between July 13th in Germany and August 22nd in UK)
Saweetie (no dates after July 26th in Nebraska)
serpentwithfeet (no dates between April 21st at Coachella and August 29th in UK)
Shallou (play April 26th at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, no dates after July 21st in Seattle)
Shlump (play March 16th at the Regency Ballroom, no dates after August 4th in Calgary)
Shoreline Mafia (no dates after May 24th in Albuquerque)
Sidney Gish (no dates after June 14th in UK)
Siena Liggins (no dates after July 27th in Detroit)
Sir (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
Ski Mask the Slump God (play April 30th at Bill Graham Civic, no dates after July 7th in UK)
Slenderbodies (no dates after May 19th in Houston)
Smino (play April 9th at the Fillmore and April 14th at the Regency Ballroom, no dates after May 9 in Boston)
SNBRN (play March 23rd at August Hall in SF, no dates after June 30 in Michigan)
Social House (play May 2nd at SAP Center as opener and May 3rd at Golden One Center as opener, no dates after July 13th in Utah)
SoDown (no dates after August 2nd in Washington)
Soja (play June 19th at Mountain Winery in Saratoga as opener, no dates after July 21st in North Carolina)
Sophie (no dates after June 8th in Portugal)
Soulja Boy (no dates after June 25th in Chicago)
Soulection (no dates after May 13th in Bakersfield)
Space Jam the Pilot (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Space Jesus (play April 5th at the UC Theater in Berkeley, no dates after July 22nd in Montreal)
Spaceghostpurrp (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Spazz Cardigan (no dates after July 12th in Kentucky)
Spencer Ludwig (no dates after June 28th in NY)
Splash Zanotti (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Splurge (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Steady Holiday (no dates after April 20th at Coachella)
$uicideboy$ (no dates after July 21st in France)
Sunsquabi (no dates after August 2nd in Colorado)
Suzi Wu (no dates after June 1st in NY)
Sweater Beats (no dates after June 21st in Delaware)
Sylvan Lacue (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
SZA (no dates after June 2nd in NY)
Tale of Us (play April 19th at 1015 Folsom club in SF, no dates between July 14th in Belgium and August 17th in the Netherlands)
Tara Brooks (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
Tee Grizzley (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
ThouxanbanFauni (play March 29th at the Complex in Oakland, no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Thumpasaurus (no dates after June 27th in Michigan)
Tierra Whack (no dates after June 27th in Michigan)
Tiny Moving Parts (no dates after June 28th in Michigan)
Tokimonsta (no dates after July 18th in UK)
Tokyo Jetz (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Tomasa Del Real (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
Trampled by Turtles (play August 10th in Washington, not playing August 9th or 11th anywhere)
Trippee Redd (no dates after July 13th in Germany)
Tund3 (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Turnover (play April 23rd at the Regency Ballroom, no dates after June 1st in Japan)
Two Friends (no dates after June 15th in Washington)
T.Y. (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Ty Dolla $ign (no dates after June 1st in NY)
Ty Segall (no dates after April 21st at Coachella)
Tyga (no dates after July 12th in Germany)
Tyler Childers (no dates between August 4th in Oregon and August 24th in the Netherlands)
Unotheactivist (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Valee (no dates after July 19th in Chicago)
Vince Staples (play March 29th at Fox Theater in Oakland, no dates after July 7th in Ireland)
VHS Collection (no dates after June 23rd in Delaware)
Virgil Abloh (no dates after June 29th in Vegas)
The Voidz (no dates after July 13th in Spain)
Waax (no dates after July 19th in Seattle)
Waka Flocka Flame (no dates after May 18th in Montreal)
Walker & Royce (no dates after June 15th in Washington)
Warhol.ss (play March 29th at The Complex in Oakland, no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Whipped Cream (play August 9th or 10th in Montreal)
White Reaper (no dates between June 29th in Kentucky and August 23rd in UK)
Wifisfuneral (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Wiz Khalifa (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
The Wood Brothers (no dates between August 3rd in Iowa and August 16th in Montana)
X Ambassadors (no dates after July 6th in Canada)
Yaeji (no dates after July 13th in Spain)
YBN Cordae (no dates after May 26th in Minnesota)
YBS Skola (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Yella Beezy (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
YNW Melly (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Yoke Lore (play Bottlerock in May, no dates after June 22nd in Delaware)
Young Fathers (no dates after May 26th in Boston)
Young M.A. (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Young Nudy (no dates after May 23rd in L.A.)
Young Thug (no dates after July 7th in France)
Youngboy Never Broke Again (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Yung Baby Tate (play April 14-15th at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz as opener, no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Yung Bae (play April 17th at SJSU Events Center, no dates after August 2nd in Washington)
Yung Bans (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Yung Bleu (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
Yung Simmie (no dates after May 12th in Miami)
Yungeen Ace (no dates after May 11th in Miami)
Ziggy Alberts (no dates after July 11th in Montreal)
Zoey Dollaz (no dates after May 10th in Miami)
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My Fallout New Vegas real-life locations tour (link to album inside)


per kinda popular demand from this post:

here's my Fallout New Vegas Tour I did last year. Fallout has always been close to my heart. Played all of the old school ones when I was younger, including less favourable Tactics. Then, as an entry job to gamedev, I was testing Fallout 3 and later on translating parts of Fallout New Vegas to Polish. This trip was long time dream for me and I tried to squeeze in as much as possible with keeping my gf happy = visiting other (non-Fallout related) landmarks around CA, NV, UT and AZ.

I'll be using Fallout Wikia to refer to in-game locations. When needed, I'll add some comments and overall impressions. At the end, I'm gonna link entire album with additional photos from the surroundings to give you the feel of the California and Nevada setting. I was surprised how close the atmosphere was in the game to actual locations with some of them giving a huge post-apo feeling the moment you've arrived.

Below are pictures without any particular order. Also, I did not try to take pictures at certain angles to have a picture for picture comparison with the game. I assume most of you will be able to associate the real life location with in-game location. Some won't be showing any particular landmarks but for me, they were in line with FNV overall atmosphere.

Let's start from the roads. My visit took place in June so I was expecting high temperatures but not scorching heat. Temperature indicator in the car very often showed over 45 Celsius degrees with the highest reaching 48.

Some roads, especially in Nevada, looked like this - https://imgur.com/jEq2m7H and https://imgur.com/xAqgMVV.

This is Badwater Basin which showed us from the get go that it's gonna be hot and not a lot of water around - https://imgur.com/hmLIxeq, https://imgur.com/AoR0d4e and https://imgur.com/O9qyQDF. Funny thing is, some places we were getting into (parks, canyons), rangers were controlling us in terms of water - 1 galon per 2 people on a daily basis.

Even though there's no Badwater Basin in FNV, for me it was giving me the vibe of in-game Ivanpah Dry Lake - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Ivanpah_Dry_Lake or El Dorado Dry Lake - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/El_Dorado_Dry_Lake.

This is Bonnie Springs where we've spent the night. Actual name is Bonnie Springs Ranch and it is ranch, restaurant and probably was much more back in the day.
https://imgur.com/urRj4CH, https://imgur.com/aXcw19T, https://imgur.com/f4sMZhM, https://imgur.com/dDc7YGu

In-game Bonnie Springs is here - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Bonnie_Springs

Next is Hoover Dam - and let me tell you, as in the game - it's huge. And, since there's little to no shade, it's a pain in the ass to walk around it. Also, it's filled with people all the time. A few pictures from the Dam - https://imgur.com/kz9jR0u, https://imgur.com/EdQpUcA, https://imgur.com/j1uFFep, https://imgur.com/ELAFZkl, https://imgur.com/43m0sUn, https://imgur.com/GMkxkpa.

Hoover Dam in the game - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Hoover_Dam

Next, it's the game beginning - Goodsprings and let me tell you, it was fun to see this sight, I immediately got my bearing ;) - https://imgur.com/bnCZE3M

A few more from Goodsprings (it's a relatively small town, not a lot of things going on). - https://imgur.com/y1VTpye, https://imgur.com/629Px07 - no radroaches, https://imgur.com/qDdec8M, https://imgur.com/1OUfRpX, https://imgur.com/XrOnbHI, https://imgur.com/Lr7ki2C, https://imgur.com/hkIhHGU, https://imgur.com/Up3UgcF, https://imgur.com/Y2F3yB4, https://imgur.com/lcSyviu.

The Pioneer Saloon serves a neat burger too - https://imgur.com/R0oG6cJ

In-game Goodsprings - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Goodsprings

Next is Nipton - almost a ghost town, we didn't see any people apart from the girl at the store. But it also had a lot of post-apo vibe with abandoned scenes. Pics of Nipton - https://imgur.com/113Q7W4, https://imgur.com/wO93oBd, https://imgur.com/rbkH57b, https://imgur.com/GSACJlw, https://imgur.com/bCQoW94, https://imgur.com/N0zhsAF, https://imgur.com/7KQGM2e. No Nuka Cola in any of those :( - https://imgur.com/Zd9yuu8, https://imgur.com/eoZKa3K.

The moment I saw the car I was grinning like a kid. Didn't have anything to blow it up with though.
https://imgur.com/T7pmvaU, https://imgur.com/cwuLKkz

More Nipton - https://imgur.com/aa9paHo, https://imgur.com/eKZD0Gw, https://imgur.com/5IJwnjM, https://imgur.com/oHal35d, https://imgur.com/Md9HxyU

In-game Nipton - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Nipton

Next is Primm which is a larger town, not a lot of locations that resemble post-apo vibe but hell, we had to spend a night here, at Bison Steve Hotel! I mean, Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino - https://imgur.com/TzUjWnK

It is incredibly similar to the Bison Steve Hotel, with logos, roller coaster and building facade.

Few more pics from outside and inside, yes, there's a casino town inside the hotel.

https://imgur.com/gcNprtE, https://imgur.com/KNeUMWx, https://imgur.com/TmFwF9R, https://imgur.com/jcX8DzY, https://imgur.com/gFux7Xd, https://imgur.com/cmI0Piw

Being close to Bison Steve Hotel, we went to Whiskey Pete's (https://imgur.com/QiDyY3F) which in game was called Vikki and Vance Casino. Casino itself is nothing spectacular but of course they had on the display this - https://imgur.com/pJxCJ0u which is in the game and in fact is a card that Bonnie and Clyde drove in. https://imgur.com/o00vobu and https://imgur.com/z46CE10

In-game Bison Steve Hotel - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Bison_Steve_Hotel

Next is HELIOS One (real-life name is Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System). Of course we couldn't get close to it, security reasons, however, you can see it from afar. Few pics with glaring from the mirrors.

https://imgur.com/W6iNSrJ and https://imgur.com/8kiP9HP

In-game HELIOS One - https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/HELIOS_One

Last location that is easily associated with FNV is of course Dinky the T-REX that is actually a roadside dinosaur attraction called Cabazon Dinosaurs.

https://imgur.com/V206PWu and https://imgur.com/9fsxD7F and also, no Boone or Manny there.

As I've mentioned, there are more pictures in the album - https://imgur.com/a/V67NnQj - those show overall post-apo vibe, landscapes and flora of the region. Those places are Cima ghost town, Joshua Tree Park, Bryce Canyon, Roy's Cafe, random ghost towns on the way.

Should you have any questions, I'm happy to answer those - might take some time though, depending on the time zone.

I hope you liked it and I hope I encouraged some of you to go and visit some time - totally worth it!
submitted by Bananq to Fallout [link] [comments]

The votes have been counted and the list has been made. The 2015 reddit Top 250 is here!

  1. Pulp Fiction (1994), Quentin Tarantino
  2. The Godfather (1972), Francis Ford Coppola
  3. Fight Club (1999), David Fincher
  4. The Dark Knight (2008), Christopher Nolan
  5. Whiplash (2014), Damien Chazelle
  6. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), Peter Jackson
  7. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Irvin Kershner
  8. Inglourious Basterds (2009), Quentin Tarantino
  9. The Departed (2006), Martin Scorsese
  10. Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), Wes Anderson
  11. Alien (1979), Ridley Scott
  12. No Country for Old Men (2007), Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
  13. Goodfellas (1990), Martin Scorsese
  14. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), Peter Jackson
  15. Toy Story (1995), John Lasseter
  16. Seven (1995), David Fincher
  17. The Matrix (1999), Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
  18. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Stanley Kubrick
  19. The Shawshank Redemption (1994), directed by Frank Darabont
  20. Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014), Alejandro González Iñárritu
  21. There Will Be Blood (2007), Paul Thomas Anderson
  22. The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Jonathan Demme
  23. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), Michel Gondry
  24. The Big Lebowski (1998), Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
  25. Inception (2010), Christopher Nolan
  26. 12 Angry Men (1957), Sidney Lumet
  27. The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers (2002), Peter Jackson
  28. The Shining (1980), Stanley Kubrick
  29. Fargo (1996), Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
  30. Saving Private Ryan (1998), Steven Spielberg
  31. Back to the Future (1985), Robert Zemeckis
  32. Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), George Lucas
  33. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966), Sergio Leone
  34. The Lion King (1994), Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff
  35. Apocalypse Now (1979), Francis Ford Coppola
  36. Taxi Driver (1976), Martin Scorsese
  37. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Steven Spielberg
  38. Jurassic Park (1993), Steven Spielberg
  39. The Social Network (2010), David Fincher
  40. The Prestige (2006), Christopher Nolan
  41. Spirited Away (2001), Hayao Miyazaki
  42. Her (2013), Spike Jonze
  43. Hot Fuzz (2007), Edgar Wright
  44. The Incredibles (2004), Brad Bird
  45. Reservoir Dogs (1992), Quentin Tarantino
  46. Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb(1964), Stanley Kubrick
  47. Good Will Hunting (1997), Gus van Sant
  48. Memento (2000), Christopher Nolan
  49. The Truman Show (1998), Peter Weir
  50. City of God (2002), Fernando Meirelles, Katia Lund
  51. Children of Men (2006), Alfonso Cuaron
  52. Schindler's List (1993), Steven Spielberg
  53. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975), Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones
  54. Django Unchained (2012) Quentin Tarantino
  55. A Clockwork Orange (1971), Stanley Kubrick
  56. WALL-E (2008), Andrew Stanton
  57. In Bruges, (2008), Martin McDonagh
  58. Shaun of the Dead (2004), Edgar Wright
  59. Pan's Labyrinth (2006), Guillermo del Toro
  60. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), James Cameron
  61. Die Hard (1988), John McTiernan
  62. Nightcrawler (2014), Dan Gilroy
  63. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Milos Forman
  64. The Godfather: Part II (1974), Francis Ford Coppola
  65. Forrest Gump (1994), Robert Zemeckis
  66. Oldboy (2003), Chan-wook Park
  67. American Beauty (1999), Sam Mendes
  68. American Psycho (2000), Mary Harmon
  69. Groundhog Day (1993), Harold Ramis
  70. Blade Runner (1982), Ridley Scott
  71. Zodiac (2007), David Fincher
  72. Boogie Nights (1997), Paul Thomas Anderson
  73. District 9 (2009), Neill Blomkamp
  74. The Princess Bride (1987), Rob Reiner
  75. American History X, (1998) Tony Kaye
  76. Psycho (1960), Alfred Hitchcock
  77. Full Metal Jacket (1987), Stanley Kubrick
  78. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Martin Scorsese.
  79. Casablanca (1942), Michael Curtiz
  80. Gone Girl (2014), David Fincher
  81. Up (2009), Pete Doctor, Bob Peterson
  82. Jaws (1975), Steven Spielberg
  83. Drive (2011), Nicolas Winding Refn
  84. Kill Bill: Vol 1 (2003), Quentin Tarantino
  85. Interstellar (2014), Christopher Nolan
  86. Gladiator (2000), Ridley Scott
  87. Citizen Kane (1941), Orson Welles
  88. Aliens (1986), James Cameron
  89. Airplane! (1980), Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker
  90. Snatch. (2000), Guy Ritchie
  91. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), Joel Coen
  92. Finding Nemo (2003), Andrew Stanton
  93. Seven Samurai (1954), Akira Kurosawa
  94. Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Wes Anderson
  95. Lost in Translation (2003), Sophia Copolla
  96. The Thing (1982), John Carpenter
  97. Rear Window (1954), Alfred Hitchcock
  98. Toy Story 3 (2010), Lee Unkrich
  99. Boyhood (2014), Richard Linklater
  100. Raging Bull (1980), Martin Scorsese
  101. Princess Mononoke (1997), Hayao Miyazaki
  102. Office Space (1999), Mike Judge
  103. Chinatown (1974), Roman Polanski
  104. The Usual Suspects (1995), Bryan Singer
  105. Magnolia (1999), Paul Thomas Anderson
  106. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), Wes Anderson
  107. The Iron Giant (1999), Brad Bird
  108. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), Steven Spielberg
  109. Leon: The Profession (1994), Luc Besson
  110. Batman Begins (2005), Christopher Nolan
  111. Vertigo (1958) Alfred Hitchcock
  112. Annie Hall (1977), Woody Allen
  113. Being John Malkovich (1999), Spike Jonze
  114. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), John Hughes
  115. Moon (2009), Duncan Jones
  116. Mulholland Dr. (2001), David Lynch
  117. Breakfast Club (1985), John Hughes
  118. Lawrence of Arabia (1962), David Lean
  119. 12 Monkeys, (1995), Terry Gilliam
  120. Dazed and Confused (1993), Richard Linklater
  121. North by Northwest (1959), Alfred Hitchcock
  122. It's a Wonderful Life (1946), Frank Capra
  123. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (2010), Edgar Wright
  124. Trainspotting (1996), Danny Boyle
  125. The Graduate (1967), Mike Nichols
  126. Akira (1988), Katsuhiro Otomo
  127. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), Wes Anderson.
  128. Requiem for a Dream (2000), Darren Aronofsky
  129. Unforgiven (1992), Clint Eastwood
  130. Heat (1995), Michael Mann
  131. The Terminator (1984), James Cameron
  132. The Wizard of Oz (1939) Victor Fleming
  133. To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), Robert Mulligan
  134. Synecdoche, New York (2008), Charlie Kaufman
  135. Rashomon (1950), Akira Kurosawa
  136. Donnie Darko[1] (2001), Richard Kelly
  137. Almost Famous (2000), Cameron Crowe
  138. V For Vendetta (2005), James McTeigue
  139. 12 Years a Slave (2013), Steve McQueen
  140. Ratatouille (2007), Brad Bird
  141. Inside LLewyn Davis (2013), Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
  142. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968), Sergio Leone
  143. 8½ (1963), Federico Fellini
  144. Adaptation. (2002), Spike Jonze
  145. Prisoners (2013), Dennis Villneuve
  146. Amelie (2001), Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  147. Gravity (2013), Alfonso Cuarón
  148. Amadeus(1984), Milos Forman
  149. The Third Man (1949), Carol Reed
  150. Black Swan (2010), Darren Aronofsky
  151. Before Sunrise (1995), Richard Linklater
  152. On the Waterfront (1954), Elia Kazan
  153. Network (1976), Sidney Lumet
  154. The Lego Movie (2014) Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
  155. LA Confidential (1997), Curtis Hanson
  156. The Fifth Element (1997), Luc Besson
  157. Modern Times (1936), Charlie Chaplin
  158. The Great Dictator (1940), Charles Chaplin
  159. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007), Andrew Dominik
  160. The Sixth Sense (1999), M. Night Shyamalan
  161. Superbad (2007), Greg Mottola
  162. My Neighbor Totoro (1988), Hayao Miyazaki
  163. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Shane Black
  164. Gattaca (1997), Andrew Niccol
  165. Do The Right Thing (1989), Spike Lee
  166. Life is Beautiful (1997), Roberto Benigni
  167. The Bridge Over River Kwai (1957), David Lean
  168. Brazil (1985), Terry Gilliam
  169. The Seventh Seal (1957), Ingmar Bergman
  170. Blazing Saddles (1974), Mel Brooks
  171. Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972), Werner Herzog
  172. Eraserhead (1977), David Lynch
  173. City Lights (1931), Charles Chaplin
  174. The Wrestler (2009), Darren Aronofsky
  175. Paths of Glory (1957), Stanley Kubrick
  176. The Sting (1973), George Roy Hill
  177. The 400 Blows (1959), Francois Truffaut
  178. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), George Roy Hill
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  182. Midnight in Paris (2011), Woody Allen
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  185. Rear Window (1954), Alfred Hitchcock
  186. The Master (2012), Paul Thomas Anderson
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  192. Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Sergio Leone
  193. Persona (1966), Ingmar Bergman
  194. The Conversation (1974), Francis Ford Coppola
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  203. Under the Skin (2013), Jonathan Glazer
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  249. For a Few Dollars More (1965), Sergio Leone
  250. Bicycle Thieves (1948), Vittorio De Sica
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Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho - Casio Songbook #21 Ep. 80: Joshua Tree National Park & Palm Springs  California RV travel camping Best Action Movies Full movie English Army of One Joshua ... Look at this Beautiful NASA Prize inside the High Limit ... Joshua Tree Lake and Campground Joshua Tree National Park  Ryan Mountain, Warren Peak, Indian Cove and Black Rock Canyon! Go backstage with U2 on their colossal Joshua Tree tour in ... U2: Where The Streets Have No Name - YouTube

JOSHUA TREE LAKE, RV & CAMPGROUND IS A PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED CAMPGROUND AND NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE. Joshua Tree Lake RV & Campground is located at the southern edge of the Mojave Desert - offering panoramic views of the North face of Joshua Tree National Park, exceptional desert vistas, and spectacular night skies. Joshua Tree National Park North Entrance (4.16 mi) Joshua Tree Visitor Center (14.9 mi) Joshua Tree National Park Oasis Visitor Center (1.12 mi) Tortoise Rock Casino (1 mi) Twentynine Palms Visitor Center (0.28 mi) Fortynine Palms Oasis Trail (3.5 mi) Theatre 29 (0.51 mi) Indian Cove Boy Scout Trail (5.99 mi) Sheep Hole Mountains (23.74 mi) From Business: Property Location With a stay at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio (South Entrance Joshua Tree), you'll be convenient to Spotlight 29 Casino and Davis… 10. Augustine Casino. Casinos Restaurants (3) BBB Rating: A+. Website (760) 391-9500. 84001 Avenue 54. Coachella, CA 92236. Cafe 54 has the best food at the best value in the valley. they have expanded the cafe seating and ... Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs - 3 star hotel. The 3-star Spa Resort Casino is set about 1.1 km from Church of St. Paul in the Desert. The property comprises 228 rooms. Spa Resort Casino Palm Springs - 3 star hotel. Featuring a luggage storage, lift and a car park along with the poolside restaurant, Spa Resort Casino offers accommodation in Downtown Palm Springs district. … Searchlight Nugget Casino (45) 7 min. Casinos. Terrible's Casino (31) 9 min. Casinos. See all. Get to know the area. Historical & Heritage Tours. Private Nostalgic Route 66 Tour - Option 3 . This is an incredible tour for those passionate about Route 66! With this Option 3 of The Nostalgic Route 66 Tour you get THE most bang for your Tour buck! Its so comprehensive it includes Truxton Arizona ... Tortoise Rock Casino -this place rocks! This gorgeous new entertainment destination in Twentynine Palms, California is beautifully situated between the majestic Joshua Tree National Park and one of the country’s largest military training facilities—the United States Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center. The casino offers 30,000 square feet of gaming space, with the industry's best Slot ... Best Casinos in Joshua Tree, CA 92252 - Tortoise Rock Casino (51 reviews), Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa Rancho Mirage (904 reviews), Agua Caliente Casino Palm Springs (81 reviews), Whaleplanet Media (0 reviews), The Corner Deli (12 reviews) Featuring mountain views, the modern rooms at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa Rancho Mirage are bright and comfortably furnished. ... I think the place solely depends on people who could not get a campground in Joshua Tree National Park so they resort to this hotel. Another thing was that the bathroom was a nice big size but then again what is the point of a big bathroom. Show more Show less ... It’s very Joshua Tree Ca Casino often casinos give away bonuses for existing players. This is Joshua Tree Ca Casino often a reactivation bonus so if you have not been playing for a long time you might receive this as a good will to get you back. Sometimes this is no registration free spins for existing players or just a simple free cash bonus. Best way to find this bonuses is to look at ...

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Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho - Casio Songbook #21

Where the Streets Have No Name(The Joshua Tree, 1987)Where the Streets Have No Name is a song by U2, from their 1987 album, The Joshua Tree. It peaked at #14... Desert camping and adventure at Joshua Tree National Park! Come along as we hike to the top of Ryan Mountain and marvel at the panoramas from Warren Peak! Cat Deeley gets to go backstage with Adam, Larry, Bono and the Edge ahead of their massive gig in São Paulo, Brazil for a special programme on BBC One - U2 A... Auf YouTube findest du die angesagtesten Videos und Tracks. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder gleich der ganzen Welt teilen. In Today's video I try to win the amazing Apollo 11 limited edition 2 dollar bill! Ad for Winner Winner claw machine app!#Apollo11 #HighRisk #CoinPusherAlso ... ジェリコの戦い Spiritual "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" Piano CTK-2200 NOTES: Célèbre négro-spiritual afro-américain, basé sur une chanson d'esclaves de la prem... DOLPH LUNDGREN FACEBOOK OFFICIALhttps://www.facebook.com/DolphLundgrenOfficial?fref=ts JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK TIPS What to Do, Where to Stay, Hiking, Dining - Duration: 7 ... Sam's Town Casino RV Park Drive Through Las Vegas Nevada - Duration: 5:21. 1willwander 14,275 views. 5 ... In Episode 80 of Grand Adventure we head west to southern California to Joshua Tree National Park. We get lucky and score a secluded spot in the park's famed Jumbo Rocks Campground as we explore ...